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Losing your mind is a simple, fun process. By going through this process, you’ll likely lose:

  • 100% of all your brain cells
  • Your sanity
  • Your personality
  • Your sense of danger
  • Your logic
  • Your mind (duh)
  • And of course, most importantly, your identity

By doing this, you will DEFINITELY put your mental health at risk and will PROBABLY almost DEFINITELY end up in an assylum. There are so many reasons you should do this, I can’t even list them all!

In this guide, Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur will teach you how to lose your mind.

You may be thinking “but I don’t want to lose my mind!” Hopefully you’re not thinking that, because anyone who doesn’t want to lose their mind has clearly already lost their mind, and that’s bad for business.

Step 1.[]

The first step is very important. SKIP SLEEP FOR ONE DAY. Don’t even lie in your bed, just don’t sleep. Whatsoever.

Coming from personal experience, not sleeping for a day makes you feel EXTRA dead inside. And when you’re dead inside, you usually do crazy things. 

Step 2.[]

Go to YouTube. Search for “people dabbing”. Watch all the videos you can find, until 3 hours passes.

Step 3.[]

Copy and paste the “do you liek mudkipz” meme’s copypasta to at least 50 people. Please include your mom in these people.

Step 4.[]

Do your math homework.

Except, for every question, answer with “21”.

Step 5.[]

Watch Charlie the Unicorn’s full series 5 times... in one sitting. For your conveinience, the video is placed RIGHT here.


Charlie the Unicorn 1-4 The Series Thus Far

As soon as you finish every objective in order, you should have lost your mind.

If you haven’t, please contact me so that I can personally extract your mind and feed it to Banica. Yes, the surgery would hurt physically, but what you do in this guide probably affects you much worser mentally.

HOWEVER, I request you do not come directly to me asking for surgery considering the fact that I’d rather watch you go through the mental process.