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Warning. This article contains a large amount of cringe. Proceed at your own risk, and keep in mind, you may need a cup of Clorox. Don't worry, we have lots available. Just ask a staff member. If we're not stocked up on Clorox for some reason, raid your local grocery store.


Hello, today I will teach you how to lose your mind. I don't have any responsibility for any people ending up in a asylum.

But you're thinking "oh but I don't wanna lose my mind"! Well you have lost it by now, sorry. If anything happens go have a cup of tea.

One final note: If this doesn't work, tell me on my message wall what's wrong. Anyways enjoy.

preparing for craziness[]

first, watch the entire Charlie the unicorn series, until you cannot think. This makes it easier and you more crazy.

Next, go have some coffee or any caffinated drink. Now you should be prepared for this

Steps in process[]

  1. Go listen to despisito 5-10 times. Then you should feel dead inside.
  2. Dont sleep for a day, according to many sources, after this you should feel more dead inside. And when you are dead inside, you do crazy things
  3. do ur math homework, but awnser everything with 7, then do the next steps below
  4. after that, go watch charlie the unicorn for two hours. I suggest watching the series thus far Six times.
  5. forget everything, and go be a Spinnyboi on animal jam. Idc if u hate it rn, u will when u hv gone crazy.
  6. then forget all and go crazy.

Final things to do if this doesn't work[]

try again, it always helps me.

dont sleep for 2 days rather than 1.

Contact me on my message wall on animal jam, and be on at 12:00 PM est time

go watch Charlie the unicorn more

bang ur head against a wall, it makes u stupid for a amount of time.

watch bagels the hated child becomes a hybrid princesses in a nutshell