AJ Failure Club Wiki

Well uh hi. I am the socially awkward possibly nonhuman being of omgblah22. I joined the AJW around October of 2017 but I used it before thats just when I made an account. Um my laptop doesnt screenshot so lucky for you no pictures. I am incredibly boring but if you want you can geek out with me over Harry Potter. (I totally don't have a harry potter game, 3 shirts, custom leggings, a keychain, books, slytherin cup, wand, scarf and I DEFFINETLY dont desperately want the new 400$ HP lego Hogwarts set that comes out in September).

Um I beg of you not to judge on this but I collect comic books I have roughly 150-200. They are all my little pony. (yet another reason why I am a failure). I dont watch the show or movies or whatever. I READ THE COMICS.

I swim competively but I am slow. Like 37 seconds for a 50 free. That is too slow mydude.

I hate socialstudies, history, anything along that route.

我喜欢我的家。为什么?为什么不呢。If you can translate that without using google translate then congratulations. Ummmm. Ya I am such a failure that I can't even write anymore. Goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Name: Omgblah22
Role: I have no role I am not special
Gender: Le Female
Likes: Swimming, Walking around with sharpie visibly on my body, chicken wings, bacon cheese fries, back to schoo shopping, Harry Potter (its totally not an obsession...)
Dislikes: Mushrooms, Social Studies, my 6th grade ELA teacher, my 7th grade art teacher
Facts: I joined AJ in January of 2013. I am taking honors geometry in 8th grade. I take chinese 2 (somehow I passed chinese 1). I sit on my laptop playing animaljam 24 hours a day.