Hey fellow Wikians. In November 2017, I wrote a blogpost on the Animal Jam Wiki about one of my luckiest times in Animal Jam. Here it is in all its unedited glory.

I BELIEVE! By neptuneok??8

No, I did not just get a black long. No, I didn't just get a headdress. And no, I have not found the "love of my life." I finally got the pet seal of my dream.

A long time ago, back in February, I piled all of my rares together to get a seal. Not the most attractive one, but good enough to please me. It had girl eyes, purple face, white outer part, and that weird cocky smirk. Today, I popped into Jamaa Township after browsing all of the stores, and I saw a modest person sitting by the bridge, saying, "TRADE ME A PURPLE GIRL SEAL" I thought to myself, "interesting, very interesting. I own one of those."

At that moment Neptune realized, she hit the jackpot. A beautiful teal seal with eyelashes, white face, and not that cocky smirk face was on her trade. I dropped everything and traded my current seal. I heard the angels singing its almost christmas im playing christmas music, just the coincedence that the singers were being ANGELS in the song. Angels we have heard, on high. Sweetly singing over jamaa, township.

***Side note I'm putting in now, ever since I knew pet seals existed I had always wanted a teal one. It was my "dream item", the way that people wish for light pink headdresses. Thus proving how lucky I was, and how lucky that modest jammer was getting the seal of their dreams.***

Great Grammar, past Neptune! Well yeah, this moment made me pretty happy, as you can see. Oh and fun fact you shall know now, I'm one of those Christmas fanatics who slightly annoys the crap out of you because you need to celebrate Thanksgiving first! (I even annoy myself sometimes) I just really like Christmas and that jolly feeling it giv- Okay, getting off-topic. 

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