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Nerdy Piggys were created by NerdyPiggy when she was weird. 

Nerdy Pigs

They are nerdy pigs that are endangered. Please help them survive!


They were founded in Snowflakedaisy's den while she was live streaming by Helena. They were found playing in mud and talking about annoying things brothers do, therefor the club started.

They came from a club where pigs would go in NerdyPiggy's den and make a giant mud puddle.


They of course, wear nerd glasses. The founder, NerdyPiggy, wears grey taped nerds while other members wear yellow taped nerds. They will have a holiday sweater, usually varies in colors. They will have rounded grey eyes, and pale skin. They will also wear a friendship bracelet and a heart locket.

Common Personalities

Most nerdy piggys will most likey be salty and humorous. Some, however, are not salty. They have once covered all of Jamaa, and infested part of the clothing shop.

Petaya the ring tailed lemurs rip off