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Nerdypiggy is an Asian trash bag. She likes reading Harry Potter but hates the Cursed Child. She spends about 60% of her life doing nothing.


"I'm Chinese, not Korean."




"ur scary"

"your n0t" (I response to a creepy message saying your h0t)

  • She is fluent in mandarin.
  • She goes to 'Terrible Chinese School'
  • She plays the violin.
  • Her blood status is A+
  • Is basically dead on wikia
  • She lives in USA
  • You can call her Nerdy, piggy, Helena, or Helen.
  • I'm not Korean.
  • Her friend found a note from second grade that said "I am 30% less crazy than Helen(a)"
  • She currently has 6 names, Helena (My real one), Helen, Melon, Meaghan, Malone, Hedgehog, and Anna.
  • She created Nerdy Piggys
  • She had a GREAT roleplaying session.
  • I have a virtouso personality. (ISTP-T)
  • Her sun sign is Sagittarius.
  • Her moon and rising sign is Virgo.
  • I'm a sad nonmember.
  • She is 80% Slytherin, 15% Ravenclaw, 5%rest
  • She is probably daughter of Hades(?)
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If you think you are worthy of being my franz write your name

Me and Petaya the ring tailed lemur having a great conversation.

Ok so apparently I only have 5 franz *cries inside*

"ahh its neptune omg run"

--my comment: "Aaaah I'm so scared obviously aaaah"

"Why did I find this while listening to the girl who has no friends?" -underappreciated fan

--my comment: I dont listen to silly american songs

“when you’re franz with the personㅡ no, should I say “korean pig man” you want to kill, ah well whatever, let’s hit up franz” -the person that wants to kill you

--no comment

"heckin okay" –serif

--wdym its 0kay

"YO QUIERO QUE ESTE SEA EL MUNDO QUE CONTESTEㅡ oh yeah hi I guess we're frenz" ㅡ2023zhanl38

--my comment: the heck?

"Apparently you have six frens now so hi" - The derp

--my comment: we've never talked

the one and only piggo is epico -peppaporc a nerdy possibly piggy

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