Hey, I am Neptune, the founder of this magical universe we call the AJFCW!

Welcome to the chill part of the wiki, with your host, Neptune! Here are some facts you should know--

  • I am not as active on Animal Jam as I once was. I'm more of a wiki ghost who will pop up occasionally. I will be more active around Halloween and Jamaalidays
  • I'm *half Asian (not a "basic white girl" that you all probably thought I was)
  • I used to be really really active on this wiki, and the AJW. But from there, I kind of matured. I used to like a bunch of things like Jacksfilms and memes, but now, I don't really know. I'm just Neptune
  • I am a large band nerd, and I like marching and jazz band. Your plume is on backwards!
  • In my free time, you will find me chronically procrastinating
  • I am quite fond of a band called Twenty øne piløts, they are really awesome. I won't shove it down your throat, though. Not today
    • EDIT 6/16/19- I don't like TOP as much as I used to. I've expanded a bit. Now, I like Foster the People a lot, and *mumbles* Green Day
    • EDIT 2/7/20- And Cage the Elephant. My music taste is becoming more eclectic in opposite directions

My Friends Edit


Noap says Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur

Yeah sure I guess. *smacks Klondike bar into face and runs away* -Scooterfrozenrabbit

what is this -Bootsie

ur scary -afraid pig

I guess...? -Confused Banica

Sasa saw the lord founder of the AJ Failure Club Wiki failing again. "HEY YOU FOUNDER OF THE FAILURE!" "What failure I founded this wiki but I did not create failure you dumb little puppy." said Neptune. "Ok sorry for the misunderstanding. So to make up for that I will take you to space would you like that!" Neptune was very happy and went to space with Sasa. But Sasa decided to troll Neptune and while they were floating in space Sasa took the helmet off of Neptune's head and Neptune exploded and died. The End. - 2023zhanl38

Tribes or Allegiances or whatever

An original list of my fictitious clubs I've joined, you could call them Allegiances (shut up, Catgirl this is totally original and I didn't copy it off your page)

  1. Slytherin - Harry Potter
  2. Athena or Apollo - Percy Jackson
  3. Nerd- High School Story
  4. Fashonista- Hollywood U
  5. Adventurous ISFP - T - 16 Personalities Quiz -
  6. A person! Omg!- Real life
  7. Earth Powers- technically Atmokinesis, which is where you use water, ice electricity ect. to control the weather
  8. Fox (spirit animal) Because I like being to myself #introvertpower and thinking about life
  9. Planet I'm most like: Uhh... Venus!
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