AJ Failure Club Wiki

Greetings, Wikians![]

If you don't know who I am, hello, I am Neptune, i was active on AJFCW and AJW back in 2017-2018 time. Then I started to get busy.

What I am doing now[]

My life has started to get so much better! I remember borderline depression in 2017-2018. (Guess quitting wiki had an effect on that). My friends are all pretty lit, I'm taking hard classes at school, I tried out for the musical this year (Made IT!) and I have a penchant for music (and Spanish, which I'm getting quite good at now). In case you wanted to know, I am in marching band. Yes, we are all dorks. But yes, it is pretty fun. And no, marching band is not a sport.

My favorite holiday is still Christmas, too. I'm so excited.

Also, I am no memelord anymore. That was pretty cringe. I'm a lot more normal but I still retain a sense of self. I'm less edgy, but more edgy if you know what I mean?

I am not going to stick around much longer. It's nice to see that some familiar faces remain. For example, 2023 is shooting for the Alvaro Soler goal (keep kickin' it!) and Night is still writing. A lot of us have quit though. Oop.

Thanks for reading, I'll see you all someday!