AJ Failure Club Wiki

Hi I'm Narglez. I'm quite nice and I like it when people come up and talk to me because I get lonely rip

More Likes
  • Eating
  • Playing Animal Jam
  • Browsing this wiki
  • Drinking out of ice cube maker thingys
  • Reading Warriors
  • Reading Harry Potter
  • Reading Wings of Fire
  • Correcting people on their grammar
More Dislikes
  • My sister
  • Can openers
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Animal Jam noobs
  • Undertrades
  • Those little pack thingys on Animal Jam where everyone gets together and annoy people by being "Bread Lobsters" or some crappy thing like that
  • Roleplayers
  • When people JAG me and say: "Good vs evil roleplay where i am plzzzzzzzz come!!!" Or something like that.
  • When people say "PLZZZZZZZZZ" in general
  • Beggers
  • Top hats
  • Pan wolves dating in the Pillow Room
  • RIMS
  • French
Random Facts
  • I just got a new cat :DDD
  • I'm Canadian
  • My main look on Animal Jam is an otter

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