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"lmao phOOK JOO D13 Of KANC3r xdddddddddddddd"

My spam page with random badges and Asdfmovie mine turtles is a total immature little brat,like no seriously he {{{1}}}

Mine turtle is cool.jpeg

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Serifni's Fellow Failure

Congrats! You've earned this custom badge for being a fellow failure friend of Serifni/Galaxystar28. Keep on failing! No really, please don't.



Congratulations, you are considered a Fellow Petaya Berry by Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur! That means you meet the requirements of being spicy and bitter, humorous and smart!

Caramelxmacchiato's Fellow Nyan Cat

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Congrats! You're CaramelxMacchiato's fellow nyan cat! To get this badge, just type in {{CMNC}}.

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