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Hey! You there! I'm sure you've all heard songs. But I can guarentee that you didn't hear all the lyrics perfectly on the first try. List examples below!

Note: Misheard lyrics are also sometimes known as 'mondegreens'

Misheard Lyrics

Attention by Charlie Puth- I heard "you've been runnin',  runnin' round, runnin' round throwing that turtle on my knee." -Mistyoak

Blank Space by Taylor Swift– I heard "starbucks lovers".

Paparazzi by Lady Gaga- The first time I heard that song, I thought she said "Papa Ratzi" and I was like, why is she singing about an Italian chef, this is weird.- Neptuneok??8

I heard bananana in La Cintura -Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur

I heard "Raging thot" and "Rage and thot" in The Distortionist - Night the cringe

Song: “childhood memories” Me: “childhood memes” -Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur

I keep hearing "tweeleeleeleelee" in Amgydala's Rag Doll and idk what that was supposed to be -demon

In Beautiful, I heard "give me some cold beer" instead of "give me some hope here". Daaaamn. -bootsie

I heard "f//k yourself" instead of "love yourself" .-. - 2023zhanl38

I heard H*mp in the car in DNA.- Nerdypiggy

Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys - I heard "Concrete jungles where dreams tomato". - AirCommander

"Come spit on pigeons with me." - Pleaseletmehalp

"Just tell me how you feel, sitting up there. Feeling sky (blah blah)" - Hastley 

“When I masturbate you never go away” Dua Lipa “We’re good” - ChewedFriedShrimp

”No homo, no lunchbox friends, no homo” (I thought she was saying “no homo” rather then “no oh”) - ChewedFriedShrimp