Madness attacks as you sleep, as you zone out of the world. Below I will list the easiest was to go mad, and be a danger to the community-

#1- Investing In Bitcoin Edit

Bitcoin is a quickfire way to frustrate any standard person, but investing takes it to a whole new level, paying in at around 8k a coin, it is almost impossible that one shall not be scammed a substantial amount of money. So, I am a tech guru against the gurus; DONT INVEST.

#2- Any Activity Associated with Fortnite Edit

Do I seriously need to explain? Do the 8 year olds on the street flossing not explain it already with their other stolen fortnite trends?

#3- Association Edit

Dont associate with anyone that uses dead memes in a particularly bad way, you can do better, without it bringing you down.

#4- Playing Fortnite Edit


#5- Bitcoin Edit


Thanks for reading! I hope to see you soon in the asylum, and once again, thank.

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