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Japanese Thanos' are a species of Thanos who are secretly trying to take over the world. 

They are not created by the imagination of AirCommander Falco.

How this all started.[]

One night, a Nintendo Direct thing was taking place. In it, was a Japanese guy. It just so happens that our friend AirCommander was watching this. However, the Japanese guy clicked his fingers, and the screen turned off. This left AirCommander screaming "JAPANESE THANOS!!" at the screen.

From this day on, AirCommander has been looking out for Japanese Thanos' all over, since they're all over the place secretly trying to take over the world. 

People who are a Japanese Thanos.[]

  • The Nintendo Direct September 2018 Japanese Guy.
  • Nicole Watterson from The Amazing World of Gumball.
  • AirCommander Falco.

People who are victims of a Japanese Thanos.[]

  • Haida from Aggretsuko.
  • Adam from Bee Movie.


  • AirCommander claims to be one, though she has no proof she is actually one.