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Imagine Dragons is a band, consisting of 4 members, which I have no idea who they are since I don't even listen to them.

Notable Songs

Thunder - 2017, aka the most overplayed song of late 2017.

Believer - 2017

Whatever it Takes - 2017, sometimes played

Radioactive - No idea, but played everywhere in like... 2013?

Demons - 2012/2013. Made for a dead friend.

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You actually thought that I'd add a gallery of a band I don't listen to?
  • Athenacool11 believes that Imagine Dragons will someday notice her.
  • They apparently hate Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur.
  • Their songs are so overplayed, it's ridiculous.
  • Wow.
  • Their song "Demons" is on 2023zhanl38's top 10 favorite songs list.
  • “Thunder” is ranked one of the worst songs of 2017.