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How to Keep AJ Failure Club Wiki Alive – Galaxystar28[]

The majority of random, smaller non-fandom based wikis have unfortunately died out for a number of factors, and mistakes on the wiki. Our goal at AJ Failure Club Wiki is to keep the wiki alive, and running for at least another year or so. Hopefully more. Here are some things that contribute to the downfall of wikis in general, and how to prevent them happening. Additionally, here are some tips for the wiki.

Common Reasons why Wikis Die

Wikis can die for any reason, but here are some of the common things we've observed on other smaller, user created wikis.

  • Lack of staff activity
  • Loss of interest
  • Forget
  • Laziness
  • Lack of topics to create pages about
  • Inactivity

I will cover each of these points.

Lack of Staff Activity: This usually happens because of the next factor, loss of interest in the topic. To help keep this wiki alive, make sure to notify the admins, content moderators, and the founder to get on, as well as make this place seem active.

Loss of Interest: This happens because of a topic which is not very interesting, not able to create many pages on, or a feeling of hopelessness for new users, as well as declining staff. This ties in with the other points. To help, stay on the wiki, and create pages about whatever you want! There's no single topic here.

Forget: This is self explanatory. You see those users who have 3 edits, and then never come back.. because they forgot. Notify your users, keep them on here!

Laziness: Other times, users just are too lazy to create pages and grow a community. Don't be lazy!

Lack of Topics to Create Pages About: Really? Make pages about everything!

Inactivity: Because of a loss of interest, lack of staff activity, and/or laziness, dead wikis often go into a state of long inactivity. Prevent this by keeping the staff on, making pages, contributing, and not being lazy.

Wiki Stats

An "X" means that this wiki doesn't experience any downfall in those areas, while a √ does.

Each Contributor to Downfall Does this wiki experience these things yet?
Lack of Staff Activity X
Loss of Interest
Lack of Topics to Create Pages About X
Inactivity X