ok so this is 2023zhanl38 again with another dumbass project lol. But I'm posting this because I need your help with writing it >_<

So I’ve decided on a name lol, it’s gonna be called Head Above Water

I'm working on the story and it should be done by the end of 2020 or early 2021 (a long ways from now, I know lol) but for now this page isn't really going to be updated until it's near done.

Story Details

Basic Details

  1. Fandom: Hetalia - Axis Powers
  2. Name: Head Above Water
  3. Main Characters: America/Alfred, France/Francis, England/Arthur, Germany/Ludwig, Prussia/Gilbert, Italy/Feliciano, South Italy/Lovino, Japan/Kiku, China/Yao, Canada/Matthew, Spain/Antonio, and Russia/Ivan
  4. Other Minor Characters: Belgium/Laura (flight attendant), Pilot Captain (name undecided), First Officer Pilot (name undecided), Rescuer #1 (name undecided), Rescuer #2 (name undecided)
  5. Summary: The twelve main characters are on Flight 701 from San Francisco to Honolulu, but the flight goes missing, runs into a storm, and crashes. They, along with flight attendant Laura, are the only survivors stranded on islands and they have to survive and get along with each other.

Other Details

  1. No main character is sitting in first class; in the impact of the crash (should there be one instead of a landing), all first class passengers are instantly killed and the third cabin is crushed, preventing escape from there
  2. There will be death of some characters (how exactly they die I'm still debating)
  3. Stuff on the island(s) include: tall and rocky cliffs, ledges, and shelves, jungles, caves, waterfalls and rivers, beaches, lots of trees, fish near the shelves/ledges, lots of bugs, coconuts, and some wild hogs
  4. No humans have been on the island(s) before
  5. Characters (with the exception of Prussia/Gilbert and Belgium/Laura) are the same nationality as if they were nations (Alfred is American, Francis is French, Arthur is British, etc.)
  6. Stuff that's going to happen to the characters: losing consciousness, hypothermia, brain damage (from lack of oxygen), internal bleeding, broken bones n stuff, heavy bruising/bleeding, PTSD/anxiety, infections, concussions, heatstroke, sickness in general, etc. im gonna make sure i torture them lol

Aircraft/Flight Details

  1. The aircraft is an Irguard 71-17, on Dastin Airlines (neither are real; I made them up). It can sit a total of 150 passengers and there are three main cabins, the first being first class. There are six emergency exits: two in the front, two above the wings (only to be used in water evacuations as they deploy life rafts), and two in the back. All exits have windows big enough to fit someone through and there are no seats in front of any of them.
  2. The flight is Flight 701, leaving sometime in July 2019, from San Francisco to Honolulu.
  3. Newer Irguard 71-17's made in the last three years or so seemed to be experiencing in-flight issues related to weather, but they were so minor they were ignored.
  4. The Irguard 71-17 in particular used in Flight 701 (the flight in the story) was damaged in October 2017 due to a severe landing tailstrike (in which the tail of the aircraft drags across the runway). This damaged the tail in general and it was sent for repair, but the two tail fins on the side were unknowingly a faulty repair that later caused issues on Flight 701 two years later.
  5. In order to avoid an incoming storm on their route that would clearly cause the known issues, Flight 701 was forced to change course midway. However, due to miscommunication and pilot error, the course was incorrectly changed, so they just fly around in random places while wasting fuel. They can't find their way back on course and soon lose communication with air traffic, going missing.
  6. Then, the flight runs into the same storm they'd tried to avoid. The heavy rain causes issues with the engines, as reported with Irguard 71-17's. The aircraft gets struck by lightning; normally, this wouldn't harm it too much, but when the current exits out of the tail, the faultily repaired tail fins are severed off.
  7. Because 1., the side tail fins are now missing, 2., the plane is about to run out of fuel, and 3., the weather causes issues with the engines, the pilots can't correctly control the altitude of the plane. If they keep going for another half hour, they're going to crash.

Character relations/groups:

This is basically who has any relation to who and who is traveling with anyone else. Actual canon relations for the characters might be changed since this is a fanfic.

  1. Alfred, Matthew, Arthur: Alfred and Arthur have known each other since before Alfred could speak, and have been best friends ever since. Alfred and Matthew call each other brothers but are actually stepbrothers in the story (explaining the different last names) and are very close. The three are traveling together for vacation.
  2. Francis, Antonio: They met in college and have been best friends ever since. They're traveling together for vacation.
  3. Feliciano, Lovino: Brothers (assume in this story they have no connection to Francis/Antonio); they're traveling together to meet with the rest of their family in Hawaii for vacation. They haven't seen most of their family in years and are very excited.
  4. Ludwig, Gilbert: In this story, assume that Gilbert is German, not "Prussian". The two are brothers; Gilbert is married and met an American woman who he got married to so he now lives in San Francisco, but stayed in close contact with Ludwig and their family. Ludwig came to visit Gilbert and the two decided to spend some brotherly time together on vacation.
  5. Kiku: He's traveling alone and was going from the U.S. back to Japan, making a flight stop in Hawaii.
  6. Yao: He went to the U.S. for business reasons and was returning to China, also making a flight stop.
  7. Ivan: He was traveling alone, around the U.S. Hawaii was to be his final stop.

Help: The Crash (COMPLETE)


Here's where I'm going to need your help: I'm not sure how the crash should go. I'm trying to go for something that has/is:

  • an intense and dramatic turn of events
  • as realistic as possible
  • severe, but not so severe that it prevents characters from doing much in the rest of the plot (ex. the crash should be severe enough that it "traumatizes" characters and injures them, but not in such a severe way that they can't move around well or will die sooner than a resuce mission can reach them)

Here's some crash and island setup scenarios:

  1. A: The pilot manages to keep the plane in adequate control for another 40 minutes, losing altitude the whole time. However, the plane eventually either: 1., loses all its fuel, or 2., loses too much control, and just dives into the ocean about 1500 ft above sea level, and passengers who escape are washed up to the islands.
    1. In this case, the survivors are quite severely injured since the plane is ripped into shreds when it crashes
    2. The islands are also set up as three different ones, close to each other but only reachable between one another by boat; the survivors all reunite on the one in the middle, having been separated in the crash
    3. Pros are that out of all scenarios listed here, this is the most realistic. Uncontrollable diving has been seen in a lot of air crashes, especially after losing tail fins and/or fuel. Cons are that if the plane crashes into water at even just 100mph, it's going to get ripped into shreds. Passengers are going to have broken bones in, like, 10 different places, not to mention that they'll be strapped into seats and unconscious on impact. They won't be able to regain consciousness fast enough to escape, not to mention that the plane will just sink by then, so if they're going to get to three different islands (or even just one) with 10 broken bones, they're going to have to swim there. The chance of them being washed up there and have there be 12 survivors is seriously low.
  2. B: The plane tries to "land", which is likely better than an unexpected crash. It's not an actual landing - more like a controlled crash or ditch to minimize damage and death - and is further damaged once it crash-lands in the ocean. The pilots and some first class passengers are already killed. Half of the passengers are able to get onto the rafts but due to the damage done to the plane, it starts to sink quickly. It hits the two rafts in the process, knocking some passengers out. Other passengers are able to escape the sinking plane by breaking the huge emergency exit windows; some passengers who tried to get onto the rafts couldn't and instead just fell into the ocean.
    1. In this case, most survivors aren't extremely injured because the crash wasn't as severe as the last example; most severe injuries and near-death experiences are sustained trying to survive on the islands, so this one allows for the most future events
    2. Everyone is washed up to the same chain of islands in the last scenario, but they're separated in random groups
    3. Pros are that out of them all, this one allows for the most events later in the story. They can do more since they're not as damaged. Cons are that even if the crash was more controlled, water evacuation during a storm in the middle of the ocean just isn't too realistic. Most people wouldn't think of getting off the plane like that, not to mention they'd likely be unconscious and not regain consciousness fast enough to escape.
  3. C: The plane either 1., loses too much control or 2., tries to control a crash, but they get closer to the islands which have cliffs and they can't see them through the storm. By the time they notice they're diving straight for a cliff, it's way too late because they can't turn or raise their altitude, so they crash straight into the island at 300-something miles per hour.
    1. In this case, all survivors are severely, severely injured either physically or emotionally
    2. The island setup would also be different; it would just be one huge island rather than three in a chain of islands, and all survivors are quickly reunited
    3. Pros are that it seems the most dramatic and intense (plus lots of things could go wrong), which is what I'm trying to go for in this story. I also can avoid the unrealistic-ness of water evacuation in a huge storm, as well as just so happening to be separated onto random islands. But cons are that this is just not that realistic, either. The chance of a pilot crashing into a cliff in the middle of nowhere, even in a storm reducing vision, is drastically low, and even if they did, the chance that anyone, much less 12 people, would survive, is even lower. Even then, their injures would be so severe that they couldn't live for more than two or three days, which is way too short for search/rescue operations remember the flight went missing before it crashed).
  4. D: This one is similar to C, but it takes a different twist. It's similar to what happened with Air Florida Flight 90. The plane starts to drop uncontrollably in altitude and nears the single island. The bottom of the plane strikes the top of the cliffs and the aircraft plunges into the ocean, ripping into shreds.
    1. In this case, survivors are also severely injured, slightly more than in scenario A
    2. Pros are that this is based off a real crash, so I can know what's logical and what isn't, and the survivors are right close to the islands so they don't need to do too much swimming to get there. Cons, however, are the same as in A and C. Not realistic and characters are too injured to do anything or survive for long. Air Florida Flight 90 crashed into a bridge because it took off in an urban area, but Flight 701 in the story is anywhere but in an urban area, so the chance that the bottom of the aircraft would slam into a cliff just like that is highly unlikely.

So, what do you guys think? A, B, C, D, or something else?

The Crash: What Happens

I've decided on a final crash scene which is a mix between B and C, so here's an outline of what happens.

Island setup

  1. There is one large island that is about 4 miles in diameter. It has two huge cliffs on the center-west side and you can see everything from up there with the exception of a half mile of the easternmost side (this later causes issues in the story).
  2. Smaller cliffs are around other parts of the islands. The cliffs have caves all through them. A river flows from one cave and another flows from the top of a smaller cliff. They're surrounded by a huge jungle, which is surrounded by the beaches.
  3. Parts of the beaches end in rocky ledges and shelves, one of which the plane crashes against. Under the ledges and shelves, the water isn't shallow at all. The whole island used to be the top of a volcano, so this is why.
  4. Fish swim around the island. Birds and snakes also live on the island, as well as a ton of bugs. A group of wild boars also lives near the jungle. Bats live in some of the caves. Coconuts grow on the island as well.

Crash events

  1. The plane's particular aircraft model had been experiencing some issues with the engines during bad weather, but they were small so they were ignored. The course was changed because of a storm, but due to miscommunication, the course wasn't changed correctly so they run into the storm anyway, losing communication with air traffic. They circle around for hours, wasting fuel.
  2. A lightning strike defuncts the inner left engine, and the storm itself ultimately causes both of the right engines to weaken. The lightning strike also destroyed their electricity, so now everything in the cabins is dark and cold. The plane dramatically begins to lose altitude.
  3. The pilots get to the edge of the storm and spot the island in the distance. They want to fly over it, but the plane begins losing altitude uncontrollably and dives down. The right wing crashes against the cliffs, getting severed off, and this ultimately makes the plane fall and crash against the rocks. The impact kills the pilots, all first-class passengers, and almost everyone else. The remaining survivors either drown before they can escape or escape onto the island.
  4. The first class cabin has been almost completely crushed, and so has the first half of the second cabin. The third cabin was severely damaged by the right wing banging against it after it got severed off, so the only survivors are those who are in the back of the second cabin and the front of the third cabin. A few passengers were lucky and were relatively uninjured but nobody is completely unscathed.
  5. When water floods the aircraft, the destroyed plane starts to sink and eventually collapses and sinks. Most survivors get out before then but a few escape just as it collapses, but the waves carry them to different parts along the shore and they can't see each other through the storm. Now, they have to find each other.

what happens after, i'm kinda still deciding, and i might make a few more changes to the crash part before i call it complete xd

Some Random Scenes

Although this story represents characters in their human form, I want to keep the relations between them about the same as if they were nations, ex. Arthur and Francis constantly argue as well as Alfred and Ivan. At some point in the story, all characters, upon reuniting, get into a giant argument together.

Plane crashes also aren't good for one's mental health, not only physical, so I'm adding it some of that too.

Some things I'm probably adding:

  • Lovino is emotionally traumatized from the crash (severe shock, possible PTSD?) which results in him being unable to cooperate or function correctly
  • Francis is also mentally damaged from the crash (possible PTSD? less of an effect on him than Lovino), especially after he can't find Antonio
  • Alfred, upon the aircraft crashing, also goes into minor shock which prevents him from realizing how injured he actually is. Eventually, he overworks himself trying to be the "hero" and goes into full shock (possible PTSD?)
  • Feliciano & Arthur get into a dangerous ordeal on the island shortly after crashing, so they're also mentally damaged from that (likely no PTSD or related)
  • Most other characters are also mentally traumatized or damaged, but they may not be as damaged as the above five listed (all characters are now terrified of flight)

Reasons they argue

  • Because of the lack of machines, clocks, watches, etc., the days bleed into another and characters can't agree on what happened on what day
  • Alfred is always trying to "be the hero" but due to shock he doesn't realize how injured he is. When other characters (arthur? ludwig? yao?) try to prevent him from hurting himself, he gets mad (also due to shock; normally he wouldn't get too angry)
  • Arthur and Francis have a negative run-in at the airport, and once they crash, they can't believe the other is still alive out of 300-something people and begin to dislike each other even more
  • Alfred finds Ivan unnervingly creepy and refuses to talk to him, but Ivan begins stalking Alfred, which he doesn't like; they refuse to trust each other, afraid of "stalking", "sniping", or "spying"
  • Arthur gets stuck with Feliciano for a while, but Feliciano is timid and afraid after the crash and Arthur is extremely fed up with that
  • Since Lovino is in shock, he refuses to cooperate with Ludwig's survival orders and instead lashes out in outbursts; Gilbert, though not in shock, also constantly refuses to cooperate
  • Several passengers were watching the plane's "flight tracker" and all claim that they saw different things before the crash and they speculate when someone will come rescue them, but some are more pessi/optimistic than others and can't agree on their approximate location or if someone will rescue them
  • (Kiku and Antonio refrain from most to all arguments; Kiku because he doesn't talk too much and Antonio because he suffered physical brain damage and can't function properly)



I'm cutting Yao out of the story. That's simply because he serves little purpose to the plot and I'm having a difficult time integrating him in. My rule is, if a character is not at least somewhat relevant to the plot progressing forward, then they should not be in the story in the first place.

For reference, here's how the characters generally contribute to the plot:

  • Alfred: the main character (though there isn't really one), thinks it's his job to boss everyone around and save everyone but his ego almost ends up killing him multiple times. Does not get along with Ivan, Ludwig, Antonio, and sometimes Arthur.
  • Ludwig: knows the most about survival and everyone would be dead if it weren't for him and his knowledge. Everyone relies on him, even Alfred, and when he is unable to help the group after overexerting himself, they get out of control
  • Arthur: drives Alfred forward to do things, also picks fights with a lot of the others and makes stupid decisions. Is pessimistic (that everyone will not be rescued or that someone will die before they are), which starts arguments
  • Francis: doesn't get along with Arthur but gets along with Alfred, spends a lot of time worrying about his friend (Antonio) and overprotecting him. Is optimistic (that everyone will be rescued), which starts arguments
  • Matthew: gives "invisible" contributions (i. e. he gathers resources or breaks up fights, only nobody acknowledges him for it). People think he's not that important and can take advantage of him because he's "nice" but actually no. This eventually leads to him breaking
  • Feliciano: the scaredy-cat who thinks he's weak and can't do anything, but he actually can and just doesn't realize it. Knows virtually nothing about how to survive on an island and depends on Ludwig a lot. Only Ludwig and sometimes Kiku see the real potential in him
  • Lovino: chaotic, picks fights with others, causes tensions between other characters. People think he's completely useless but he's what ultimately pushes Feliciano (his brother) to show his real ability to help
  • Kiku: the mediator; tries to keep peace, especially when Ludwig loses it. Mostly uninjured in the crash and is reliable in survival contributions. Is the one that calms the Italy brothers a lot
  • Antonio: tries to make everyone happy but this usually backfires. Doesn't get along with Arthur/Alfred. Was the most severely injured in the crash; everyone needs to keep an eye on him. Is an optimist; also drives Francis' optimistic attitude forward. Has no idea what's going on the entire time.
  • Gilbert: confuses everyone by insisting he's "Prussian", very impractical and doesn't contribute a lot to group survival, has a huge ego like Alfred (and there's sometimes competition), never takes anything seriously (especially from his brother Ludwig), isn't very careful with choices
  • Ivan: unreliable, doesn't contribute much to survival. Intimidates everyone. Only seems to get along with Matthew. Tensions are especially high between him and Alfred. Doesn't give up in fights, which fuels them more.

Also, I'm considering cutting Kiku out of the story because, as described above, he doesn't serve much of a purpose to the plot. I'm going to finish a rough draft of the story first, then see if he just "clogs" (not really) the plot or actually helps it. If he's a character that could just be thrown away, then there's no reason keeping him in.

If you check the crash plan, I've actually made a few changes to it, just to simplify it.


Unlike most of my other stories, I'm finishing this one before I publish it. Like, revised, looked over, start-to-end finished before publishing. If that doesn't happen by the end of 2020, however, then I'll just shoot for 75% finished and figure out the ending.

As for number of chapters or word count, I'm shooting for perhaps 15 chapters, maybe 5,000-6,000 words per chapter? I'm still trying to pan out what events should happen in what chapters, and plot it out smoothly, so that could fluctuate a bit. I have a general plan of what should happen in the story, so I might just write the whole thing out and divide the scenes into chapters after that.

Some parts where the chapters might divide:

  • The end of the crash*
  • After the huge ending fight? "Ludwig screams"?*
  • A character reminisces and falls asleep?
  • Matthew goes missing?*


The story will have a lot of suspense-like hangers at the end of its chapters cause . . . it's just that kind of story. XD Not sure if I'll actually put it in the "suspense" category, but I'll probably do something like Adventure/Suspense or such.

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