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Harry Potter House Battles

Edit your username under your preferred house, then explain why YOUR house is best.


NO HALF HOUSERS! OR I'll HUNT YOU DOWN - CatGirl0099 (screaming bloody murder)


Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur

Pinkskittylover101 (according to the test)

Platypusrocks (also according to the test)











Now we write why our team is the best and why other houses are the worst - make sure to credit yourself.

Because all de odder hauses dun reach as much edgy as slytherin- Neptuneok??8

Because Gryffindor peeps are Mary Sues, Slytherins are edgy (sowwy sneep the sheep), Ravenclaws are stuck up, and Hufflepuffs are nice. So there. -BootsAndCats

Because Slytherins are intelligent, brave(when it's required) and loyal to each other. We have the best characteristics from all the houses so... - CatGirl0099

Actually doesn’t think her house is the best Because (really failing) uhmmmm (insert rant rant rant here) Can I say that I think all houses are equal you know what why not someone give me the even house so that I can say this please and thank you Well I don’t even slightly think my house is best and don’t think I’m trying to make myself look like an awesome pacifist here because that is what I think. Saying this probably makes me look more like a Hufflepuff than a Gryffindor I honestly can’t think of a reason to follow the guidelines here because I can’t say a lot of things like “Gryffindor is brave” without immediately contradicting that when I think about myself. So yeahh I guess I think all houses are equal, because when I put myself in Gryffindor, it wasn’t because “Oh lol Gryffindor is awesome,” or “everyone in Gryffindor is awesome,” or “I wanna be like a Gryffindor,” or “Gryffindor traits are awesome!” It was more like my traits and personality matched it, but I can’t exactly say they were the best traits, I would have an easier time saying why my house is best if I were any house but Gryffindor. So this turned into “My house is best” to “All houses are equal” to “My house is worst.” Then to “crap this is too long” so let’s finish that I try way too hard to clarify my opinion don’t I? --Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur

because sneks —Demoncat1100

Because Gryffindor is overrated because the main characters are in that house and people always think Slytherin is the worst even though there are good people in it they dont get enough credit I get so mad over this bye- Nerdypiggy

(hey guys want to hear a joke I just made up on the spot? "no." {shut up} A Slytherin and a Gryffindor walk into a bar. Slytherin: hey girl, i think you look magical tonight. You single? Gryffindor: hah hah yeah i'm single *mumbles* just buy me the free drink already and then i'll go. Slytherin buys her a drink. Gryffindor jolts outside. Slytherin:she doesn't know it yet, but I'm going to slytherin to her DMs tonight) -- Neptuneok??8

Because... uh... I don't even know. I don't have a preferred house, I just got matched to Gryffindor by like eight hundred tests. Their colour is red. Red is my favourite colour. So therefore Gryffindor is good. Mmhmm. - Platypusrocks