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What happens when you send “No swearing in my private Christian minecraft server” through google translate a few times, and put it through Hawaiian, with a drastic change.

“I do not even know that Christian Christianity was in the wrong” Tip: Always make sure to send it through Hawaiian! ;)

“He is stuck in the two-dimensional spinner, looks upwards, and closes with a hole in the door. The window dropped to a broken house, leaving a portion of the floor from the floor, to lift, the mountains were broken down, broken, and the rain was dry. The rain descended when the sea was swamped by the walls and the house was flooded. He has spitted from the wall of clay and made a large monster covered with members and weak members, but it was necessary to do so. Yes, Brambelstar and Squirrelflight are hidden, but the Thunder Cats are not sure. She was thinking about her breast that she had black frogs in her womb, and was born with Brambelstar.”

“Jesse lied after Old Ryden and his stomach broke whenever he wore his new clothes. He wants to bring back your friends and bamboo stylists. He knew he never loved it, but he always liked the circle. He knew from the moment he saw it”

“When you are in the cohort of two parts, you will look ahead and close the door to the door. The windows fell, opened their ground, fell, cut the mountains, and the rain fell. The rain comes from the sea with a wall and a flooded area. He said the wall clay and made a great fire for members and family members, but was forced to do so. Yes, Brambelstar and Squirrels are hidden, but backsbels are not clear. In the dark he was thinking about the mushroom inside the abdomen and was born with Brambelstar.”

“If there are two team members on the team, look around you and get closer to your door. When Paul entered, she opened the ground above and stopped knocking down the mountain. Rain comes from the sea, walls and fields. He said that family walls and families caused a small fire, but he forced it. Yes, Brambelstar is a hidden hidden box, but later it is unknown. In the dark he thought that Brandelstar was born in the womb”

Neptuneok??8 Vs. Spanish Google Translate

*'''Disclaimer: Not the cleanest language'''

Mama-------> mom

Mamá--------> mom

Mamás-------> mothers

Mamas-------> tits

What the hell, google translate!! They fixed that little hiccup, though, so don’t be, hah, disappointed if it doesnt come up in that way.

"Prince of 100 people sleeping with the dream kingdom" (it was supposed to be '100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams' but my computer translated it to this. Also don't sleep with the dream kingdom, kids.) - Night the cringe

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- Night again I love doves, they're my favorite animal ----> Eu amo pombas, elas são meu animal favorito ----> Unë i dua pëllumbat, ata janë kafsha ime e preferuar ----> 'ana 'uhibu alhamam , fahi hiawani almufadal ----> YA nazyvayu vannuyu, eto moye lyubimoye zhivotnoye ----> Ik bel de badkamer, dit is mijn favoriete dier ----> Ua kāhea wau i ka lua, ʻo kēia kaʻu holoholona punahele ----> I called the second, this is my favorite animal

I want the expired cheese.png


- DiopsideDove

mk heres the best thing ever by pepepapapporfrcrrc

My life is managed by Google Translate.