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Do you ever get that itchy feeling when someone assumes your gender because of what you’re wearing, or what you like? Or do you cringe when someone says that a certain item is only for boys or girls? Post all your cringeworthy moments here.

WrItE dOwN BeLoW[]

Once, this bunny was saying that there was a really weird girl without the ‘girl eyes’ on AJ. So then I told her that not all girls had to have those eyes, and she was like “OH YOU’RE ONE OF THE WEIRD ONES TOO.”


People in my real life say that I can’t be a paleontologist when I grow up because I'm a girl. Have you ever seen Jurassic Park, fools?


Hate it when people think certain colors are only for girls or boys.


When I wear a suit (for girls) to a formal event, I hate it when other people are like "OMG! Why are you wearing a suit? Suits are for boys! Wear a dress!"

-- Nerdypiggy

I hate those girls on AJ who flirt with "boys" and then run away screaming when the boys reveal that they are girls. Smh... dude, you could be a little more polite, like you actually accept LGBT+?



I hate those feminists who complain that "men oppress them" when in fact, it's the complete opposite.


^PREACH! --Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur

^PREACH x2 --SolarSkies

^PREACH x3 -- Nerdypiggy

^PREACH x4 -- Night the cringe

^PREACH x45637892483728193 -- BootsAndCats

Can't stand those people who say that girls (mostly young girls) can't play with "boy" toys like action figures. Like it's 2k18 ppl! Also when people are surprised when girls like Marvel and stuff.


I don't know if Alvaro Soler has fanboys, but he definitely has more fangirls than boys. We all know that the term used for a fangirl is "Solerina", but what about the fanboys? Is a fanboy called "Solerino" or something else?


I dislike how it's socially acceptable for a girl to like "guy" things but it's unacceptable for guys to like more "girly" things. Just let either gender like whatever they want, regardless of how girly or masculine it is.


One word: Feminazis. Although in Hamilton Angelica Schuyler was a feminist, she wasn't a feminazi. Here's a quote she used to support her case- "all men are created equal." - Thomas Payne


Being that one girl that wears black all the time, is super tall, and has short blue hair... oof. One time I got cornered by this girl who thought I was lesbian and wanted to fight me I guess... ended up just flipping her off and leaving. — Demoncat1100

I'm not that feminine, really...i hate it - 2023zhanl38

When people tell other people to put on the '"girl eyes" to avoid "confusion pls"

- WildWackySushi

People will sometimes ask my gender, and I give them joke answers to try to avoid the topic. It usually never works and they keep harassing me making it weird, I have to leave after that. It's always so uncomfortable.

- Pleaseletmehalp

I remember on aj this guy thought I was a boy, even though my user, animals, and how I talk say otherwise

- Twinkle8532

I once was in a restaurant/cafe/something where you had to have permission to access the bathrooms for some reason, so I asked an employee if I could use the restroom. Then the employee said "Oh, sure, which one?" I wasn't dressed very femininely (that is not a word but idc) or anything, but I was still obviously a girl, and everything just got really awkward.

- Platypusrocks

When people will say "mankind" or "ahh, I see you're a man of culture as well", where the term "man" is meant to mean just all humans, but then the feminism comes in and complains about it

- Platypusrocks

Was at a school party a couple years ago, wearing a nice-looking outfit that could be either feminine or masculine. One of the 'pOpUlAr GiRlS' came up to me and made fun of me for wearing it because it 'looked masculine.' She ended up getting cheated on which i'm happy about.