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Hey! Have you ever taken a quiz and gotten the funniest, most hilarious, weird, or creepily accurate results on any quizzes? Post them down below and provide a link if it’s online!

WildWackySushiI chose a bunch of fast food and apparently I’m 50-65. Huhh.

Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur- I would apparently cook in hell’s kitchen. Hell, my home. :))

Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur- “You got: Darkpelt You are: Darkpelt! You are a proud warrior of ThunderClan. You have a pure black coat with golden eyes. You have a bold nature, and serve your clan well. If your deputy were to die, you would likely be appointed the new one due to your leadership skills and loyalty to the clan. You are trusted by every member of your clan, and never fail to show it. You have yet to fall in love, even though you have your eye on a WindClan warrior, but have to remain loyal to your clan. You never back down from a fight and have an apprentice named Brightpaw, you will see to it that your sills will be passed on for generations.” 

Help, when I say “be loyal stay away from them” it means NO I DON’T WANNA NOT BE FOREVER ALONE! And whyy so boringly named. pls, no

Galaxystar28- Once, did a test to see how old the quiz guessed I was. I got 100+, even though I have the maturity of an 8 year old girl.

NerdyPiggy- My nickname was Crashtest. What kind of nickname is that?

Angel the Creative- I took a quiz to see what I should draw. I got "your dog's left nostril". I don't even have a dog owo

Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur- My nickname should apparently be disco potato. Wut... http://www.quizony.com/what-should-your-nickname-be/result.html

Pinkskittylover101 - I took that quiz Petaya, I got Cool Whip

hmmm.... https://www.quizony.com/what-should-your-nickname-be/result.html

Demoncat1100- Apparrently I’m a depressed emo kid because I hate pastels

WildWackySushi- I took your wuiz, Galaxy, and I’m Pixel.

WildWackySushi - Apparently I'm a Zebra based off of 4 questions solely.. . .. .

Demoncat1100- The vocaloid I’m most like is Meiko.... so I’m mature tough and like getting drunk all right then

CatGirl0099 - I'm also Pixal apparently 

Scooterfrozenrabbit - Once, I took a quiz called "Which FNAF 1 Character Are You?" And somehow I got Balloon Boy. Smh. 

Cutefluffycatmeow0aj - I did the nickname quiz and I am Disco Potato ( have you seen my profile picture? ) 

Neptuneok??8 - What a spicy meat-a-balla, I got Pixel as my nickname too! 

Angel the Creative- I also got Disco Potato 

MinionPigFan - imma pig oinkers 

  • ok why "oinkers" -.- -soosee 

Neptuneok??8 - I took a mental age test, link here: https://www.arealme.com/mental/en/, and I got 16. Does that seem true to you? Non, I probably am an 8-year-old mentally 

Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur - I took a personality test that based off the shape and patterns of your palm... oh boy


“The shape of your hand reveals an “Earth Hand”. This generally means that you are a practical, dependable person who takes great care in the things that you do. Although you can be slightly impatient and critical at times, you still find tranquility in obstacles that come your way.”

I am the least practical and dependable person like, ever.

“A curved Heart Line indicates that you find expressing your feelings quite easily. Whether they are negative or positive, you don’t hold back. However, the fact that it ends below the first finger may illustrate that you can be easily disappointed at times as well... But no fear, you also have the ability to pick yourself up when things go awry so all is balanced and good.”

Literally the opposite of me. Whenever I get pissed at someone in real life, I bundle up my anger inside. (and uh, cuss inside my head as stress relief hahaha) Whenever someone yells at me for something, I’d think of a point against their claim but I’d never say it. Compleeete opposite.

“Your Head Line indicates that you think in an artistic and imaginative approach. You pay attention to details and like to be deeply involved in all of your projects. With this sort of mindset, you can accomplish major tasks with the right amount of time and care.”

Uhh not really.

“Your Life Line reveals that you have a lot of stamina and energy. Whether it’s the fact that you like to challenge yourself, take risks, or go on new adventures, you enjoy living life on the edge. You try to make the most of every opportunity that comes your direction and find ways to make an unpleasant situation into a good one.”

I am a home person, I think that’s all I need to say to show they got this part alllllll wrong.

Quiz: https://www.buzzfeed.com/emilytulett/what-does-your-palm-say-about-you

"Your nickname should be Disco Potato

You seem both youthful and wise beyond your years. People may have told you that you are just like either your mother or your father, as the case may be. You like to have fun but you like to sit back and relax sometimes, too. You're a bit of an enigma!" ww im a disco potato (: -susie