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Foxzebra is a member of the cult and the Wiki. She joined on February 19, 2018, through a very important message by Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur. She is the older sister of Pinkskittylover101.


Foxzebra has some do's and don'ts for names. She usually goes by the name "Fox".

Acceptable Names Include:[]

  • Fox
  • Foxzebra (Though not preferred as much, too long)
  • Rooster Lover
  • Birb Master
  • Snowy Owl
  • Uni

Not Preferred Names Include:[]

  • Zebra
  • Crazy Nerd
  • PINK
  • Whiteuni
  • Whiteuni01

Likes and Dislikes[]

Foxzebra is generally a tolerant person, like a lot of human beings. However, there are things she favors and just downright hates (though hate is a strong word).


  • Animal Jam (duh......"AJ Failure Club"....)
    • The (playable) animals : Wolf, seal, bunny, toucan, flamingo, arctic wolf, fox, snow leopard, sheep, eagle, owl, dolphin
    • Animal Jam Pets
      • Roosters
      • Promo pets like the grasshopper, ladybug, etc.
      • Dove (That she will never get because she is too unrare on animal jam)
    • Truly decorated dens that are underrated and should be on the Epic Dens List
  • Pokemon
    • Pokefarm
    • Rowlet
    • Swablu
    • Haxorus
    • Mega Charizard X
    • Mew
    • Fennekin
    • Piplup
    • Any Bird pokemon (flying and non-flying)
    • Any Dragon pokemon (not necessary dragon type, but also dragon looking)
  • Real-life Likes: Non-game related
    • Personalities
      • Kind People
      • People who are accepting of others
      • People who stand up for others
      • People who take the time to listen
    • Animals
      • Roosters
      • Chickens
      • Birds
      • Budgies
      • Dogs
      • Snowy Owls
      • Owls
      • Dragons
      • Unicorns
      • Phoenixes
      • Any Mythical Creature
    • Books
      • Percy Jackson (and all Rick Riordan demigod books)
        • Minerva/Athena all the wayy
      • Harry Potter
        • Confirmed Hufflepuff
        • Snowy Owl Patronus
        • Wand: Pear wood, unicorn hair core, 10 3/4" in length, slightly yielding flexibility
      • Wings of Fire
        • Clayril
        • Sunnyflight
        • Underrated Rainwings
        • ALL THE BOOKS ARE SO GOOD (but Darkstalker was amazing)
      • Warrior Cats
        • Fox doesn't like any cat in particular
        • Fox believes that the newer series are getting boring and the older ones were better
        • Most Underrated Character: Crookedstar
    • Things she loves to do
      • Drawing
        • Traditional artist until she gets a fancy drawing tablet with a fancy pen
        • Only draws animals and mythical creatures, maybe some flowers and the like
        • Doesn't take lessons for it and never did lessons for art (she started young and learned on her own by trying over and over again)
        • Preferred Medium: Printer paper and colored pencils
      • Read
        • Books are listed above.
      • Play the violin
        • She is currently first chair in her high school class' orchestra
        • Used as a way to relieve stress
        • Has the best orchestra teacher of all time
      • Eat food (don't judge)
        • Mint Chocolate chip ice cream
        • Fried Chicken
        • Sushi
        • Chocolate chip cookies
        • Tootsie rolls
        • Pocky
        • Hi-chew
        • French fries
        • Preferred food types: Salty and Spicy
      • Play games and with toys
        • Still a child at heart: Continues to collect Littlest Pet Shops because they are so cute
        • Online games:
          • Animal Jam Usernames: Foxzebra (main), Foxzebra1, Foxzebra2, Foxzebra3, Maddymeep, Meepstar (Don't ask about the meeps. It was a phase.)
          • Pokefarm Username: Foxzebra (her main username for things is Foxzebra)
          • Neopets: Whiteunicorn01
          • Transformice: Whiteuni01
        • Stuffed animals are her favorite <3
      • Random other favorite things
        • The color blue
        • Cantaloupe as opposed to Watermelon/Honeydew
        • Coke as opposed to Pepsi


  • Annoying sisters
  • Olives
  • People who just don't know when to stop
  • Bullies
  • SpottedXFire (Warriors Ship)
  • Starspeaker (WoF Ship)
  • Incorrect Grammar (when not being playful)
  • Stinky socks
  • Early Mornings

Friends (Frens)[]

If you are a friend of the great Fox, then you should write your name here! Anyone is welcome. Maybe you even want to put a comment?

  • We are supposed to be best friends because we are sisters righhtt? ~ The glorious pink cat
  • You da chicken warrior ㅡcrazy lemur


  • Fox has only one sibling, that being Pinkskittylover101.
  • Fox's age is not confirmed, though you can be sure that she is over the age of 13. Her real birthday is September 16, but she uses fake birthdays for most other websites.
  • She has two pet dogs.
  • Her dream pets include dogs and some birds (budgies).
  • Fox lives somewhere in the United States with the Eastern Time Zone.
  • She can also be found on the Blob Wiki, known as the Latin name creator.
  • Fox's favorite classes include Biology, Orchestra, and Latin.
  • Fox is obsessed with roosters, but she never bought one herself. She is currently looking for an account that has bought roosters before.

Pictures! Glorious Pictures![]

Whenever she gets the chance to, Fox requests people to draw free art of her. Here's all of the art of her animal jam animal.

Drawn by the talented Emitlee

Drawn by the talented Petaya

Drawn by the talented Fairypaw

Drawn by the talented Fadedlotus

Colored by the talented Vortexxian. Used a base.