AJ Failure Club Wiki

"Ur mom is a thumb lol" greenish wolfie :)))) 2018

about greenish wolf ;)))))
  • She's a total failure at trolling because no one care :))))
  • Her stupid masterpiece is her greenish wolf as a greenish wolf lol, she's total bad at drawing :))))
  • Wow, so much ":)))))"
  • Her grammar is total terrible because she's super bad at it lol ecks dee
  • All she want is just eating rare stuff because she's hungry for it :))))
  • She is so uncreative because her wolf is very green omg >:((((((
  • She sang despacito 2
Call me:
  1. Greenish lol ecks dee
  1. Greenish wolf
  1. Broccoli wolf
  1. Brocwolf
  1. Very hungry wolf who need rares :))))
  1. Green gal
  1. Florashy
  1. Flora


  1. Shrek
  2. Minecraft Slime but Animal Jam wolf

Quote that i randomly said it[]

  • "if you're anti-cristali, make sure to like my beautiful art"
  • "this is the worse than xxmysticzzxx drama"
  • "uno"
  • "give me rares because i'm hungry for it lol xdddd"
  • "i'm green"
  • "u uncultured thing"