Wow, this page has certainly undergone some drastic overhauls. It seems like every time I come across it, I change it.  I suppose I'll use this as a bio of some sort since the biography I use on the AJW is very short and condensed. To start, my former username was Famøusjammer, and it is my current Animal Jam username. In the summer of 2019, I changed it to Seventeenths to reflect the standard username I use throughout the internet. It was intended to be a joke, or a misnomer, although some people took it quite seriously. Not only was it an inconvenience to explain it, but it also didn't make any sense for people who haven't played Animal Jam. Initially joining Animal Jam in September of 2014, I alternated between two other accounts before switching to the one I use now. As of early 2018, I have lost most of my interest in the game, though I occasionally log onto it. I would still consider myself to be an active member of the community. My hobbies are relatively basic; I enjoy reading and writing. In addition, I like drawing as well. For the most part, I draw traditionally with my primary medium being a pencil. However, I sometimes draw digitally. I like playing rhythm games such as osu! and Cytus II. I'm not particularly good at them, but they manage to be entertaining. As for other video games, the one I play the most is Overwatch, even though their community is somewhat dead. I find computers interesting, and it is a plan of mine to pick the components of one and build one once my current one stops performing well. (Not that it's going to happen anytime soon.) I watch some anime, but I wouldn't consider myself a major fan of it since it's more of a pastime. As pf writing this, my favorite one is Kinema Citrus's Made in Abyss. I used to like webcomics published onto the website Webtoon, but I stopped reading them. 

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