AJ Failure Club Wiki

Post all of the most embarrassing, too-good-to-be-true, and awful trades you or someone else experienced. This page can also be used to vent about the rarity system in general.

WildWackySushi- Someone said they’d trade me a Pet Otter, 2 Pet Seals, a Rare Short, and a Rare Long For my Rare Groundhog- too-good-to-be-true

Galaxystar28- I hate people who think that Flower Crowns and nerds are worth spikes.

BootsAndCats- When I was a novice at trading a year and a half ago, I traded a not-rare homemade wings for lilypad sandals on AJPW. Smh.

cutefluffycatmeow0aj- This person kept trading me a necklace for my rare long collar. I rage quited after that. AKA went to another world. they were there. WHY.

Pinkskittylover101 - This one person traded me a sheep cloak + worn + a rare spike wrist for an awesome masterpiece I got for a worn. I declined because MY ART NOOOO (If you wanna see it, it's in my den that's the cherry blossom bridge thing and oh this story is getting too long)

EclipseSing- I once got traded a red long for a golden bunny. Person almost accepted, but I declined for some reason. I asked them to re-trade and they changed their mind. Same thing happened with my terrible masterpiece (it's perpetually in my den, but it's not worth a red long).

WildWackySushi - Doing the sleeping action and cry emote and saying “pls its for my sister she’s poor” isn’t a good enough offer, sorry.

Nerdypiggy - Someone traded me some Christmas calendar things for my nerds when It was December.