AJ Failure Club Wiki

I may or may not have broken the template and can't seem to put this in the image section of it. I clearly suck. This describes my expression.

Hello, henlo, hey, whatever the hecc I'm supposed to say. I'm Eclipse and I'm trash as well as a failure. I guess I fit in. 


Motto: "I'm not even sure if this is what I should be doing. Who let me do this?"

Possible Nicknames[]


-Error 04 


-0414 (though this one's awkward imo)


-Skorm has traded me a black long for a plaque. (It was in March 2018, and I think it was a Community Contest plaque. It was on his current username, Skrmm.)

-I don't like Skorm.

-In fact, I don't really like any of the Jambassadors. Julian was pretty okay though. At least he had a personality and wasn't an emoji-ridden, meme-infested dude (before the Spinny Bois, unfortunately.)

-I rarely make masterpieces. Yes, they're bad. Yes, I display them. There's my (imo) best two in my den currently, and I have my (imo) one on trade at almost all times. They're still not good.

How I Describe Myself[]

First of all, I'm not sure who would care, but...



-Constantly Bored


-Kinda Nerdy 

-Quick Temper (I mean it don't you heckin' give me a misophonia trigger or my foot's going up your--)



While We're At It, Some Good 'Ol Fashioned AJ Stories:[]

-I once went to the pillow room with a bunch of friends and shouted "ADOPT US FOUR HANDSOME KIDS WHO HAVE EYES AND AREN'T CRIMINALS AND HAVE SWEET PERSONALITIES!"

We got adopted.

-I used to get hacked a ton, despite having an arguably strong password (I mean, not really, but you would have to actually know me irl for my password - it's an inside joke with really odd spelling.)

-I've noticed I've been "rarer" AFTER getting hacked than I was before, but I don't really focus on rares. I roleplay.

-Someone called me a toaster for declining a trade.

-I said in the Forgotten Desert, "I would like ANY long as long as it isn't pink." I guess I was ungrateful then. We ended up getting a pink long.

-I have a permanent copy of all color longs for looks, besides orange and black. I traded my permanent orange for badly-needed den betas and I trade my black longs for stuff. (I've only had maybe like 3).

-I got Alpha Armor for a pink and yellow long and a red long wrist. Quite a steal.

-All my friends came to my den to apologize to me because I lost my membership yesterday (5/16/18), but I was uncaring as "I have free chat, that's all I ever care about."

-I've been playing for a REALLY long time. I think it was around October 2010 I joined.

-I have a vivid memory of seeing my older sister (who has now quit) in the pillow room, and joining that day because I thought AJ looked cool.

-I once traded a purple beta tail for a leap year's top hat, when they were around the same worth, maybe like in 2012. They wouldn't trade back. I got sad, and I later quit until adventures came out, but the "final feather that broke the camel's back" was me watching a Lion King video with really sad music (I can remember the tune, but not the actual song) and deciding to quit.

-When I quit, I kept all my stuff with me. Too bad I ended up getting hacked around 2015.