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Dutch is a West Germanic Language and, in terms of native speakers, the fifty-sixth most spoken in the world. It is the official language of the Netherlands and is spoken in many other places around the world.

Noun gender? Common/Neuter

Type of writing system? Latin alphabet

Language group? Germanic

Animal Jam? No

List of Users/People on the Wiki Who Speak This Language

Please note that Native does not necessarily mean that one is a native speaker; it only means that they speak at the level of one. Likewise, if someone is a native speaker of a language, that does not necessarily mean they speak at the level of one.

Literally nothing - You know no words or phrases at all
None - Only one or two words/phrases
Beginner - Can recognize the language and can form several sentences
Intermediate - Can understand several parts of the language and understands most grammar
Advanced - Can form more complex sentences and understands quite a bit, however, they still have some trouble
Fluent - Speaks/understands the language well and a native speaker would say it is "good"
Native - Speaks/understands the language as if it is the first language they learned