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Dash Tag!


Welcome To My first review of something, with your host, Neptune! *cues the royalty free music from youtube that is in legit all toy videos*

The App

The app, Dash Tag, was released around February 21, 2018. It is an endless runner game where your avatar has to run away from their Panda  kidnapper  pet owner, Misha. 


I personally think this app was a money grab. Basically, it was label-slapped Subway Surfers. As you can see in the gameplay, there are the same type of obstacles. They didn't even bother to change the unrealisticness of the train. I mean, If you wanted to have it to be at least somewhat believable, they should have maybe included a moving boulder instead of a train/truck? Are they implying that they want you to run over your poor rare raccoon? 

The graphics and art effort were very good though. The animals were pretty cute and looked like they were Animal Jam Play Wild clones. 

Overall, the game wasn't terrible, but it feels a bit low-effort. I wish they would have made it at least a little more original. 

Edit (after actually playing the game) : There is actually some creativity in this game! You go from leaping on hoodoos in Coral Canyons to floating on icebergs in the now-melting mount Shiiver! You get avatars by chasing and kidnapping other pets- that seems like a loose end. It is still low effort in some other ways; Let's say that your lovely avatar was dangerously jumping cliff-to-cliff in Coral Canyons. Then, he slips and makes the jump. Instead of plummeting to his death, he floats mid-air. Misha floats mid-air too; she and her stroller float while she scolds our protagonist. There is another example where avatar falls off of a floating iceberg into the freezing sea. He floats, but Misha and the stroller stand on top of the rushing water, acting like they are on solid land. I mean, is she Jesus? That wasn't very fulfilling to the plot.  

If you are anywhere above 11 years old, you will find the gameplay very slow. I think it's because this game is aimed for younger beans, but the game gradually gets speedier. 


Out of 11.5...

I give it a 6.

It's fine. If you like Subway Surfers and Animal Jam, this game is for you and I think it would be a keeper. Comment what you thought on this review if you want, and I'll try to make another one.

Bye, and love from Neptune!