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This page is for all your crack ships(on AJ, wiki, or IRL)

The Ships

"I Ship It" — an Icona Pop parody by Not Literally Productions

I once definitely not last week made a ship between 2 guys in my class(they're good frens actually), and my frens, who like said guys heard about it, long story short, my frens now know more THE MORE YOU KNOW *Music* about my fujoshi side and my crack shipper side. I actually somewhat ship it but don't tell anyone because my frens will probably murder me for shipping their crushes and rest in spaghetti I have no regretti - Night the cringe


There's my wiki OTP, AshfurXScourge, AparriXJulian2, Drarry, LeafpoolXNightcloud, etc. - BootsAndCats

There's Solarandboots, 2028House0fSolar53, Petayanut, and more. - Serifni

Black TurtleXBlue Turtle 4 lyfe. Some people consider it a crack ship but I consider it both a real one and a crack ship >:-) ㅡPetaya the Ring Tailed Lemur

All of my friends (except one) ship me with my friend. Although he's a good friend, he's just not someone you'd date, ya know? My friends tease me, saying, "Oh there's your blueberry (dyed his hair blue) husband!" or just making me want to punch them because of how much they try to shove me towards him. Rip sanity -Neptuneok??8

I ship myself and myself, I am HAWT. Also on Discord I talk with my friend a lot in an anime server I found, one day I was talking to them while other people were online, one of the people then said to me and my friend, "You two should date." We then freaked out, with me saying "I'M TOO GOOD FOR THEM", me and my friend then dmed each other. At that time I thought they were just a friend, now I actually like them, please halp me. - Pleaseletmehalp

i ship myself with no one. dating is weird. -misskitty2000