AJ Failure Club Wiki

To play this game: https://cprewritten.net/

Club Penguin Rewritten is a remake of the game Club Penguin. Disney shut down Club Penguin after it'd be open for years, to make way for the failure Club Penguin Island, which only lasted a year. People were mad about this, so made this website so people could play it like the classic, which is based on 2007-2013 Club Penguin before Disney took over. The team who are based around Club Penguin Rewritten live normal and everyday lives, but the game surprisingly gets decent updates. 

People say this is a game aimed for kids, but is probably aimed at teens. Why? The Club Penguin Rewritten team aren't the same as the normal Club Penguin team, and stuff tends to get through the filters, such as lm*o and racist comments. However, the moderators are active, so this is rare to see.