AJ Failure Club Wiki

Candy Cane Rhinos were created by Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur when they were super bored and made a random alt.   

They are amazing rhinos that have a low population. Add yourself to the list of Candy Cane Rhinos if you want to join the adorabliss rhinos!


  • Petaya
  • Petaya’s random fren
  • A random party host

Candy Cane Rhinos were founded in the Pillow Room by Petaya. Petaya commonly spends time there, not to get adopted though. They were found dancing and chatting, and eventually another person noticed and thought they were amazing, and became one. Thus, the candy cane rhinos were started.

They then went to a party in somebody’s den, and the host thought they were awesome too, and became a candy cane rhino, advertising the rhinos along with their party.


They often wear candy related items. Such as Candy Cane Socks, Candy Cane Horns, Rare Candy Necklaces and Lollipop Necklaces. They also wear Icicle Horns, usually green or red, as those are the main colors, though it may seem weird to have multiple horns, it can also be seen as status of strength. Pastel colored items work well too.

They also wear pastel colored items, due to their base colors almost always being pastel colors. 

There is no such thing as a candy cane rhino without red patterns. Though some do come in patterns like polka dots instead of stripes, it is rare.

Even albino candy cane rhinos feature red patterns.

Most of them have a white horn, though some have chipped horns and some have different colored horns, but it is uncommon. 

There eyes do not have any specifications, they come in many colors however, red and pink are commonly seen.

Common Personalities

Candy cane rhinos all have different personalities. Yet some things can be seen more often in them.

Candy Cane Rhinos often have a good sense of humor. Maybe that’s because the founder of them thinks people with no humor are boring... but that’s just purely a guess. 

Candy Cane Rhinos can be playful, as they are adorable when they just dance there dancing, knowing you wish you could be them. Heh heheh.

They’re creative often and come up with ideas, whether good or not. They can range anywhere from trolling everyone in the pillow room, not on a bad level of course, to staying in a house gobbling up a ton of food.

They can be silly and derpy, because why would they not? They sure can be derpy looking.