AJ Failure Club Wiki
This page is for telling stories about things you’ve failed, or really just something stupid that happened.

I once had a dream that the painting minigame in AJPW could give you a golden spike, and I was the first to ever receive it, and I traded it for big betas. But then I woke up and I was like “Oof another spike? Wait...oh it was a dream.” I also had a dream that I saw Wisteriamoon in some random place, and no one else was there, and we had a noice chat and she buddied me, and I’m like “{insert derp face here} OMG YUS IM BUDDIES WITH WISTERIAMOOON YUS YUS” “oh” --Petaya

I ran around a seasonal adventure screaming "I'M HIGH". Enough said. -Demon

' Cartoon Logic- "omg i found a penny! Crap i dropped it its now falling into the center of the earth" they venture down to the center of the earth. "loook, diamonds! omg there's my penny gotta go!" gets penny and leaves center of the earth. -Neptune'

Once when I was really young, I took a glass of water, one of those things at the bottom of seaweed packages and some orange juice. Then I put all of the stuff in the glass of water and hid it behind a TV. I don’t think my family ever found out I did that, and as of now I think it remains there. I still wonder how I got away with that, and I wonder how it looks right now, but I don’t feel like checking because it will probably be disgusting. --Petaya

' Once (cough cough not today) decided to dare my friend to talk to a boy because she's terrified of everything. She went to this person and i couldn't hear what she said but it was funny so I was laughing like a headless walnut. BUt then...she told me she said ______ (insert meh name) thinks ur cool and then the boy looked over and smiled and after I discretely beat up my friend I decided to tell random (NOT RANDOM ONLY DA BEST SAVAGE CABBAGES) ppl on internet my sad sad story. - Oh I'm CatGirl0099(whenever anyone says Savage Cabbage it is me.

Once, I pretended I was a feminazi in AJ on my spare. Ended up getting suspended on there. -Galaxystar28

A couple days ago I tried making a meme reference in a Snapchat group chat but none of those people have any internet culture and I ended up sounding extremely vile. Might I mention my crush is in the chat as well? - The Tiger's Roar

During science today, we were turning copper pennies into brass pennies. I dropped my penny in the solution. Twice. -The Tiger's Roar

I go around screaming "BE GONE THOT!" when I'm bored. -SolarSkies

Once upon a time in AJ, I found this random tiger wearing pi stuff getting chased by this arctic wolf mom and her bratty fox daughter. So I decided to help the tiger by pretending that I was his girlfriend, and "pecked" him on the cheek. The arctic wolf and fox gasped, then started crying. Arctic wolf said, "oh, he doesn't deserve you" and left. And we buddied and lived happily ever after. Not. Apparently the tiger had a "girlfriend" and some other weird daughter, and the daughter F-L-I-P-P-E-D out and started screaming at me for 'making out" with her dad once she saw me talking to him. I'm not an ODer. -Boots

When I was younger, I had a piece of salmon I named "Salmonella." Oops - Neptune

I used to think that rice cakes were Japanese food or something. Now, when I actually see them and eat them, I realize how wrong I was. -Petaya

Sometimes I sing the 'Flamingo song' in Jamaa when I'm bored, and some people actually join me. -NerdyPiggy

I used to think that there was a floating gas station for the airplanes. - Narglez

In three school years I managed the same fails in the first days of school

I always thought when we were dismissed its time to go home when actually it's recess. On the first fail I had to hide my bag and face for the rest of the day. Second fail I told my old classmate that we were gonna go home and with a surprised look in his face said that it was recess for them. I hid my bad under the table with my friends laughing at my fail. Third time I told no one but my friend and hid my bag....   lesson not learned T^T - Cookies n' kitties AJ

Back then i thought a polyclinic ment a police station and clinic combination XD -peppapoedxc