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Hello people. Post down sentences below that would annoy the grammar Nazis in all of us.

Annoying Sentences

Your the most funnest person i met? Its a pleasure to meet you!!!!!

- WildWackySushi

i cant believe how much intelligence there are in this roleplay

uHm, plEze stAph bEfihgn bUlieys plese nUoh pledse!!1 ium reapirtsng yOuuhhu!!1

- Feistyyy

- BootsAndCats

huh. also ythe frieck is thre. cat in u suhisshi. u will geit sicks. aslo m systyer is scrarde. of cats. so pls chanj u fasce thx u veray much.

- 2023zhanl38

i just LOVE ur new shoe s! pls gurl, eyes, they r oun fleek - - an d gift me for male time

- WildWackySushi

Omg! she is jus soooooo life! liek omg! i luv her!

- Nerdypiggy

Ughhhh i haz the best, grammar EVEAH your, so stupid if u do not use proper grammer. u guys willn't EVAH be as good at, grammer. As meh


Can you actually speak with proper grammer please?

- Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur (guess it’s more annoying to see hypocrites but uhm it’s funny anyways sooo)


I don’t mind all of the extra letters, but the ”you is” part rattles my teeth..

Actual quote from when I was 10:


- House0fCards

- WildWackySushi

Okay so like today me was going to the stor with my mom and he said I could have had only one frute, so i don't know weather to have gotten grape or apples.

- CatGirl0099

well u r a stink!!!!!!!!!! oh em geeee!!!!! im callin g teh copss

- WildWackySushi

"trade blak spike colr"

- Some person at a party who triggered Grammar Nazi

" hey peoples who wants trade"

- Another person at a party who triggered Grammar Nazi

i hat beez. they stung u today. y thoo????!!!!!! :3 :# :3:#:3:#:3:#333

- WildWackySushi

- Smithle111 Thrd me plz be fiar!!!

nd so they, made frostfeir deputu wen heir lader sed, wait no frostfeir i, love yu to. to.. mich i canot life. so, i bi war.or cod make u leder. godby frostfeir, i cantot, life wen u arind becs u so hawwtttt. and i wans u ti be leder, so, so i culd date you, but starcan, starcan so men. they dont let me love yuo. so... i hafe to die becuz we cant blth be leders. i <3 u 2. godby and godluck frost......frostSTR.

-Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur

well u just GO???!! I hate u your SO ANNOYING! omg when well u leaf me A LONE? your so stupid & again ANNOYINGGGGG! cand u get out of my LIVE?????????? your like the, worse. omg. your just so STUPIDDDDD. when well u fregging leaf me a lone? omggggggggggg. just stop. stop ok. your annoying. get a live. ppl as annoying as u cleary dont hv a live. am i write? AM I WRITE? i better be write. u stupid. go a way. ok. u, got, that, in, ur, heed? i hoap u do. cuz if u dond. idek. your brain less. u dumb. ok. u get it. i hoap u godamm do. 

-Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur

liek u need to chill ooffff u is very ughhh brat POOPYYY POOPIIEEE now be my buddie :33333


ugh yester day my mom told me 2 help her do the groshrys. (idk how 2 spell groshrys do’nt judge.) idk shes so mean. all so my dog dyed yester day  when it was trying to chew it’s bone. im so sad rn. -Petaya the Ring Tailed Lemur

muy dady is foundr of aj.. papi they do!!

- WildWackySushi

pls give me spik or i wil blok

- nerdypiggy

-ONG!1!1 HAHHAHAH u dunt evem knwo prurpar anglish!!!!!1111111 IM SMERTER DEB YOU

what are aau?// AN iddoewt snadeeioadnm