AJ Failure Club Wiki

Hello there, stalker.

You can call me:[]

  • Angel
  • Creative
  • ATC
  • Snowflake (on PC AJ)
  • Moon (on PC AJ)
  • The Quiz Master
  • The Queen Of E v e r y t h i n g
  • Your Royal Awesomeness

You can NOT call me:[]

  • Angelle
  • Angy
  • Angil
  • Angle
  • Creeaytivve
  • Kwie8iv
  • Cwieeativ
  • Kryaytive
  • Miss Kiss
  • Angy-poo
  • Anima 
  • Poop
  • Mean member (because first of all, I'm not a member, second of all, not all members are mean, and finally, HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT MY AWESOMENESS)
Random Fuuunn Faacts!
  • I'm 6 years old at heart
  • I have the world's most annoying 8 year old brother
  • I also have a 17 year old sister
  • I like bagels
  • I don't like you
  • I hate Smarties, because they taste like flavored chalk
  • I sit back and laugh over other people's immature siblings
  • I'm an INTP, apparently
  • Just when you think I'm inactive... I COME BACK
  • My Play Wild username is aq9305
  • My former AJ account was Anima1221
  • My new AJ account (the same username as my backup account for Play Wild) is snowflakemoon127
  • My favorite colors are purple and blue.
  • My favorite food is chocolate, but I also like bagels, strawberries, etc.
  • I am the queen of awesomeness, cringiness, and the universe.