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AirCommander Falco is a new bean to the Wiki. She joined in September 26, 2018, through wanting to join the Wiki. You've probably never heard of her. She enjoys drawing furries from games and complaining at anyone who calls them furries. 


What you can call her.[]

  • AirCommander.
  • Commander.
  • Air.
  • Wind.
  • Blue Birb Queen.
  • Wolfy.
  • Japanese Thanos. 
  • Bean.

What she'd prefer you not to call her.[]

  • Falco.

Likes & Dislikes[]


  • Food.
  • My Hero Academia.


  • Fortnite.
  • Aparri.
  • Wisteriamoon.
  • Julian2.




"'Smart' is an endangered species now. The population of 'idiots' are increasing." ~To a friend a while ago.

"If I spoke my mind, I'd be in serious trouble 90% of the time." ~To the same friend.



  • She is dead inside.
  • AirCommander is perfectly aware Japanese Thanos' don't exist.
    • However, in the recent Nintendo Direct thing, a Japanese guy kept clicking his fingers, and the screen went off. She screamed 'Japanese Thanos!!!' at the screen for whatever reason. She then came up with the magnificent stupid theory that Japanese Thanos' are secretly invading the world. 
      • Also, she came up with another beautiful terrible theory that Nicole Watterson out of The Amazing World of Gumball is infact a Japanese Thanos in disguise. This is because in one scene, she clicked her fingers and everyone froze in place.
  • She is an Admin on the Animal Jam: Art Wiki. 
  • She ships Andrew and Akko together from Little Witch Academia.
    • She also ships Ghirahim and Zant, but ONLY in Hyrule Warriors. She doesn't ship them in the canon Zelda universe.
  • She is currently watching My Hero Academia, but the English dub because she's a loser.
  • She is obsessed with Falco Lombardi, and the game he's from. She's not one of these crazy fan-girls who ships him with herself, but instead has wrote his whole story up until the forming of the new Star Fox team lead by Marcus.
    • She is aware her fan-made past is not canon and will never be, but she has spent a good few hours of her life making this dramatic past for the poor blue bird. 
  • Her mouse seems to keep giving up on life, and does whatever it wants when it wants. For example, click on a photo, opens a brand-new tab, click on the photo again 1 minute later, enlarges the photo like it's supposed to.