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This is the page for AirCommander to whine about things she wants to whine about. 


First of all...

I would like to complain about Falco Lombardi. Right, why is he the most hated Star Fox character? I know his ego is massive and people count him as a damn Fox counterpart, which we all know Falco is better then Fox, BUT WHY DO PEOPLE THROW HIM IN THE TRASHCAN EVERYTIME SOMEONE MENTIONS HIS NAME! He is the best pilot in the Star Fox team and he excels Fox's ability to pilot an Ar-Wing. I say 'most hated' with a grain of salt because we have Pigma, no one likes him, and Slippy, who is just so annoying you want him to blow up his own damn Ar-Wing so you can listen to him scream, so why is Falco mostly put on the same level as these losers? It's probably the creepy Furry fan-base, who have previously said that... yeah. *COUGH*. People also say that it should just be Fox and Peppy on a team, but you need to remember that major role Falco had at the end of Star Fox Adventures (I think) when he came in and gave Fox some bombs even-though Falco hadn't been in the rest of the entire game. Also he looks cool in his sunglasses, why can't people just appreciate him? Also, Nintendo palm him off like he's just this Fox-wannabe. He has amazing voice actors in every game, and his design gets better in every game, but his role doesn't get any better. They keep bringing out Star Fox 64 remakes, IT HAD IT'S TIME NINTENDO, WE WANT A NEW STAR FOX GAME WITH A CANON ENDING! Anyway, in the new Smash Bros game coming out, I'm surprised Fox had a leading-kinda role in the new Adventure Mode but only in the opening cut-scene where he talks first and he's the closest to the edge of the cliff. When all the blue hand thingies come down from the sky from where it looks like Ghirahim has had a dress-disaster, they all fly at the characters. Fox gets abducted, fine. FALCO IS RIDING AWAY IN HIS AR-WING AND GETS ABDUCTED. HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE HIS DAMN GUN OUT. Like, why? He is only seen in 2 scenes. Sure, you can unlock him and I'm quite happy you can unlock him, BUT HE DESERVES MORE LOVE. Same as Wolf. Wolf is the best Star Fox Villain (idk which one out the Star Wolf Team though) and he deserves more love. FOR THE LOVE OF... err... PEPPERONIS PEOPLE, WOLF'S NAME IS NOT STAR WOLF. I'm so sick of people getting that wrong. HIS TEAM IS CALLED STAR WOLF. You know... Wolf, Leon and Panther? Panther also deserves more love. HE HASN'T BEEN IN A STAR FOX GAME FOR 8 YEARS. Leon keeps getting upgraded with the reboots, but Panther is no-where to be seen. He's not even seen in Battle for Atlas which is a non-canon thing to keep all the Star Fox fans happy for a while whilst they think of another Star Fox 64 reboot to do. He could have been included in that with Wolf and Leon to battle Star Fox, which would have probably made me buy the game. Speaking of games...

Twilight Princess


Why do people say 'Majora's Mask is the darkest game because of it's art-style'? IT WAS ON THE NINTENDO 64, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? TWILIGHT PRINCESS IS THE DARKEST GAME BECAUSE ZANT PRACTICALLY COMMITS SUICIDE. I mean, yeah, the Moon in MM is scary and all that, but in TP, Zant is practically a psychopath who ends up snapping his own neck. Or at least that's what I read on the Zelda wiki because I haven't completed the game yet. It did appear in Ganondorf's vision, but Ganondorf was dead at the end of the game. Zant only got impailed by Midna and exploded. Also, right, in BotW, Link is 117 or 118, and Zelda is 117 (don't ask, okay?) and in TP, Link is 17. Do you think Twilight Princess is literally a few months before BotW? If so, could Zant still be alive :o? Look, I know Zant snapped his neck, but could the Twili race live on? With the resurrecting powers in BotW, I'm sure he could come back. Also, Ganondorf took over Hyrule in BotW, killing the Champions (including Revali) and trapping Zelda in that damn castle for 100 years. I'm sure he would have resurrected Zant to help him out. Also, you can get Zant's helmet in BotW, but only with DLC. We've already had a Twilight Princess remake though. We're all waiting for the Skyward Sword remake. Bit of advice Nintendo, make Ghirahim's tongue less... creepy. It's weird when he's basically trying to lick you on your face in Skyward Sword and dance around humming something in Hyrule Warriors. He also looks very... feminine. Not as feminine as Yuga who I still can't get over being a male, but quite feminine. I just love how in Skyward Sword, if you don't get your weapon out during one of Ghirahim's boss fights, he just casually slaps you.