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Currently, there are no staff slots available.

To see the archives of older RfRs, see here.

If you wish to become a staff member and think you’re suitable for it, you may create a RfR (Request for Rights).

You must have 3 days of experience on this wiki to create a valid RfR.

Note that different roles have different requirements.  

Rights Info
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Discord Moderator: Rights include control of the Discord server.

Discussions Mod: Rights include the ability to add categories, edit the discussion guidelines, delete discussion posts and lock Discussions.

Custodian/Rollback: Rights include undoing edits in one click "rollbacking". This is a minor role.

Content Moderator: Rights include renaming, protecting, moving and deleting pages, editing and

deleting comments and rollbacking.

Administrator: Rights include editing MediaWiki pages, accessing the Admin Dashboard, blocking users, and promoting people to Discussion Moderator. This role is a very important one, and is only given to trusted users.

Bureaucrat: This is the highest ranking role on this wiki. Rights include administrator rights, and the ability to demote or promote any role to users. This role is only given to the most responsible and trusted users.

Creating an RfR

Step one: Create a new page.

Step two: The title of your RfR should be “RfR for [insert role here] from [insert username here].”

Step three: The template of your RfR should be copied than pasted from here in source mode. Source mode can be accessed when using the classic editor, so if you are using the visual editor you will have to use the classic editor instead. Make sure that when you paste it you are using source mode!

Step four: After you finish putting in all the info (especially your reasoning, or else your RfR won’t count at all) you create your page.

Step five: Add a category to your page, this category is called “Ongoing RfR.”

Step six: Wait for people to vote, tell an admin that you made an RfR as well. Your RfR will last for three days. If a small amount of people vote during that time, it will be extended until more people vote.

(Another note: If you make an RfR, whether it passes or not you can only make another once two weeks has passed) (Two weeks may be changed in the future)


To vote all one has to do is the following:

1: State your username

2: State whether you Support, Oppose or Neutral

3: State the reason why you Support, Oppose or Neutral

Make sure to include the

Support.png-(support) ,

Oppose.png-(oppose) , or

Neutral.png-(neutral) template in your vote, as well as a link to your user.

Please do not create a sockpuppet in order to get your RfR to pass. Meaning do not create another account and vote for yourself. If a vote looks like it may be a sockpuppet there are ways to test if it is, and if it is your RfR will close, with no rights given.