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The land of all failures! The hole that is reality is the limit!


El Mismo Sol

Welcome to the AJ Failure Club Wiki, made just for all you failures out there. If you’re not a failure, we have no idea what you’re doing here but feel free to stay, just don’t get triggered because someone calls you a failure. Anybody can edit on here, just don’t delete all content from pages that aren’t made by you, and don’t mess up public writing pages. If you are editing a page a user has created about themselves, do not add random stuff that makes no sense. There are some exceptions to that, but they are very smol. If you would like to join the cult, message Neptuneok??8 or another one of our admins to join.

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R00LS F0r us FA!L000Rs!
  • Don’t mess with other people’s pages aka creating a whole paragraph that makes no sense and is more or less trolling, or deleting perfectly fine content.
  • When you make pages, please try to keep them over 300 bytes unless they are a WIP, but try to edit your WIPs as soon as possible. Pages under 300 bytes may be marked as spam and deleted.
  • You can create pages about pretty much anything, so long as it isn’t a duplicate or inappropriate.
  • Do not delete perfectly good content with some exceptions of course, like your own page.
  • Do not delete other people’s content on public writing pages.
  • Do not remove anything on the Cult Page, unless a user requested to have their name taken off.
  • Sexual content is not allowed here.
  • You must be 13 years or older to have an account here - we did not make this rule. Fandom/Wikia is under C.O.P.P.A.
  • Sockpuppeting (creating another account for the sole purpose for messing up this wiki) is not allowed.
  • Ban evading (creating another account in order to avoid a ban) is not allowed and will lead you to getting banned again, as well as a possible IP ban and a possible extent of ban.
  • Trolling is not tolerated and can lead to an instant block.
  • Swearing is not allowed. Only minor swears like damn, hell, piss and crap are allowed.
  • Staff members will be demoted by an active bureaucrat or admin if they haven't made an edit in over a month.

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Founder Neptuneok???8
Bureaucrats pinkmeowmeow
Administrators Serifni, Demoncat1100
Content Moderators 2023zhanl58
Discord Moderators SolarSkies

Featured Failure of the Month

Serifni is an administrator of this wiki. They currently have over 2,000 edits, and first joined on February 19, 2018.

Read more here: Serifni

This wiki's email address is ajfailureclubwiki@gmail.com, ran by the administrator Serifni. Rude, troll, and spam emails aren't tolerated.