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Ajplayer2 is a stupid little loser and the brother of AJPlayer1. He quoted himself on the AJ wiki like 30 times in a stupid attempt to be funny


Ajplayer2 was an account that was quickly banned right after creation. he has the grammar of a 2 year old

He was best known for spamming the 28th Last Post Wins with his stupid stories. He has sent a few messages on the message wall, but he cant anymore. He was banned for indefinate for cuss


"i love you"

"i respect you"

"stomp in your room and do the nae nae"

"i watch corn"

"i heard the legend 27 doesnt sort by new'

"are you 3d"


"eazy cheazy"

"eat money"

"lets st4rt sperming this guy"

"i am blak"

"get die"

"reparted i am rassist"


  • He is a troll account by the little brother.
  • He is probably the fastest account to be banned on the AJ wiki
  • He wasnt banned for trolling, he was banned for almost swearing on someones jammer wall.