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2023zhanl38 is absolute undefinity.



"Stay undefined."


"Are you - "

"i wonder how she managed to find this wiki in the first place"

"I live in the Soler System"

"you know, it's funny how people say that the world is billions of years old, but in reality, he's only 30"

"aLvArO SoLeR iS tHe mOsT hAnDsOmE PeRsOn iN tHe wOrLd"

“good God y’all, if you want to track down every moment of a famous person’s life and then make a huge fuss over some stupid Instagram post, you might as well just stop writing articles altogether and become a stalker.”


What you can call me[]

  • 2023zhanl38
  • 2023
  • Risen
  • Zhanl (i used to not like it but idrc now)

What you cannot call me[]

  • 2028zhanl38
  • 23
  • POO
  • Anything not listed in the "What you can call me" section


  • Alvaro Soler
  • Little House on the Prairie


If you are one of 2023's friends, please put your name below with a little explanation why you're friends with each other...because what if one of you is secretly Alvaro Soler behind the screen 

Petaya the Ring Tailed LemurRemember that time you posted a picture of baby Alvaro Soler and I said “Is that me?!” Idk you’re fun to talk with????  

Neptuneok??8 - You are pretty cool, you also introduced me to Alvaro Soler, and it's helped me in Spanish class and he's just a good artist in general. 

nerdypiggy - cuz u said u were my friend on my page 

Night the cringe - *Insert Hetalia reference here*


A list of fandoms she is part of.

  • Alvaro Soler
  • Animal Jam
  • One Direction
  • MCYT


  • He uses she/he/they pronouns.
  • He is aromantic, and probably bi?
  • He plays the violin.
  • Their personality type is INFP (-T). (97% introverted :P)
  • Because Alvaro Soler will never come to the United States, they are trying to save up $1,500 USD to meet him one day.
  • They are ann Administrator on the Animal Jam Classic Wiki.
  • She has several IG accounts.
  • She was born on May 29.
  • She's vegetarian since January 1, 2020.
  • She is a reality shifter.