This is the third part of the $1,500 (formerly $3,000) project. You can see the 1st/2nd parts here: $1,500, $1,500 (Part 2)

January 2020

January 1, 2020

Hi heccers it's a new decade. And year. And month. And day. Whatever. :') Watch me write 2019 at least 8847872 times before getting used to writing 2020. Double 20, huh? Too bad I won't be around to see the next time this'll happen, 2121.

I have to go back to school tomorrow (reee exams) but since it's January, you know what that means...grinding the surveys. grind...grind...grind...ahjvjkgjkck.

Anyways, it's almost Álvaro's birthday so I'm going to make a present for him. Maybe I'll give it to him someday. Maybe I won't. nonono of course i will lol i love how much he makes my tit(tie)s quake and my ovaries scream with that june 2019 photo posted on his instagram because for some reason my body does not understand that he cannot be the father of a child i cannot have and he cannot be the man to carry on the population of the homo sapiens with me and

You know, over the years, I've had some songs that remind me of certain moments in time and it's interesting to see how different they feel from each other, y'know? I go on and listen to all of these songs when the time of year comes again and New Years is one of those times.

2018: A Picture to Remember; breakthrough new artist was Sofia. (i mean she wasn't until February but idrc)

2019: Why; breakthrough new artist was Shawn. (again Why wasn't until February, also I had a huge music boom from January-May so it's kinda hard to pinpoint one song)

2020: don't know yet. gonna guess Living Proof, new breakthrough artist Camila, but we'll see. i never get that "feeling" of a time from a song until after it's over. I want to have another music boom, looking at more Shawn, more Camila, more Avril, more Ed, more more more. it was fun last year. i miss those days. but next year i'll be missing THESE days. gosh why am i like this it's so fucking tiring.

Anyways this post contributed nothing to the project really but that's fine. fine fine fine. I don't have any news yet anyway.

Until next time. (gosh how i've missed writing that) - 2023zhanl38

(p.s. soon I won't be 2023zhanl38 anymore, I'll be Audeamxus. that's happening as soon as the new membership bundle comes out so i can buy a one month membership and use play wild sapphires to buy the rest because yknow i gotta get those images for the wiki. still feel free to call me 2023 or zhanl or zhan or crazysolerina101 or whatever the hell you want honestly because at this point i don't care anymore. i really don't dont dont dont dont wow what am i even doing no i dont.)

$617.77 (i think) saved; $600 aside. $883.23 to go.

January 12, 2020

Frozen Jr. is over now. But I'm not ready to let it go. :')

So I got the Survey Junkie $20.04. Also, -$6.95 for the one-month membership; I won't buy any more after that, I'll just use sapphires to buy more.

I'm not doing One Act this year, but I'm trying out for the spring musical, which starts March 7th. Yay, I get a whole month to myself now. I've almost forgotten what that feels like.

Also, since the winter musical is over now, there's some cash coming in. Lemme see how much I got from the rehearsals. $5 for the audition; $1.50 for each 3-hour day (we started on November 5); $2.50 for each 5-hour day; $2 for each weekend rehearsal; $5 for each show. I'll assume we had 38 3-hour rehearsals, 6 5-hour rehearsals, and 5 weekend rehearsals. We had four shows. Add that all together and that's... exactly $107. brrruuuhhhh give that to me.

Finally counting out the Nov/Dec stickers, I earned $4 for November, $3.10 for December, making another $7.10 in total. huh, not bad for the stickers, really.

I can't really work on surveys recently because I'm so busy with drama and homework, but now that drama is out of the way and finals are this week, I might actually be able to focus for the first time in forever. (no frozen reference intended) Finals are Wednesday and Thursday; there's KT both days, but it won't be much help because all assignments are due on Tuesday.

Anyways, I'll see you next time.

$630.86 saved; $600 (my parents haven't put the money in yet) aside. $869.14 to go.

January 14, 2020

wip wop, change in plans.

I said I wasn't gonna do One Act because I thought it was for advanced kids (which I'm not, by the way) but apparently it's for everyone and most of my "friends" are auditioning. The shows are student directed so there's not much "advanced" to it... (shrugs)

I figure I can fetch up another $80 if I get in? Auditions are tomorrow. Haha I was actually looking forward to a month for myself but it's fine, I wanna do this anyway. :')

By the way, correction from the last post... finals are not this week. They're next week. I was just so caught up in my own shit that I thought they were this week. Thank God not. Still falling hecking behind on surveys so I'll just set a goal of $100 on iPoll and $25 on Qmee by the end of the school year, another iPoll $70 and $7 Qmee by the beginning of my sophomore year, and another iPoll $25 and $5 Qmee by the end of 2020. I'm taking 3 fucking AP classes my sophomore year so frick the surveys then. And chamber orchestra. And quiz bowl. Actually no, I like quiz bowl. Let's keep that.

Anyways, no more time can be wasted. I have things to do.

$630.86 saved; $600 (my parents haven't put the money in yet) aside. $869.14 to go.

January 15, 2020

hi I'm halfway at my goal now. my mom just gave me the money for Frozen Jr. and the Nov/Dec stickers, but she bumped it up to $120 as a bonus. :)

Yeah, this is a pretty short entry, so to make it longer, I'm gonna drabble a bit about the rest of my plans for this "era" (January-February 2020), which I'm calling the One Act era (I might change it if I don't get into any of the shows though) and also what happened during the audition today because no these pages are not only for earning $1,500 now, also for talking about my life.

(again this isn't a definite plan since I have no idea if I've even gotten into any of the shows yet and yes, there are multiple. If I don't get in, I'm resuming my "old" plan of grinding the surveys)

Since I originally planned not to do One Act, I'm changing things. This is basically just a more detailed plan of the stuff I posted yesterday, with some minor changes.

Here's what I'm planning to do:

By February 29, 2020 (yay leap day, also the last show of One Act is supposedly on the 27th);

  • $30 on iPoll
  • $7 on Qmee

Zooming out, here's what I'm planning by May 29 (when I turn 15; the goal was originally supposed to be June 4, which is the end of the school year, but same with the Christmas thing, I'm going to redeem everything I have on that day);

  • $70 on iPoll
  • $20 on Qmee
  • $50 from Make Money

By September 1, 2020 (idk when we start school, a few days later than that)

  • $120 on iPoll
  • $40 on Qmee
  • $70 from Make Money

And...that's it for my general goals. I'm still going to figure out how far I want to get by the end of 2020, but I'll decide that by June 4.

So, how did the audition for One Act go today?

It went better than my auditions for Bye Bye Birdie and Frozen Jr., at least. We were allowed to sing a song that WE prepare (BAHAHAHAHA FINALLY I CAN SING A PIECE OF SHIT IN MY RANGE NO FUCKING D5s OR C5s OR EVEN B4s FOR ME LOLLOLOOLLLOLOL), though maybe they should have actually told us to prepare something?? I got lucky and saw a comment on the Facebook page when someone asked about it but nobdoy else knew except us so most people just sang Happy Birthday or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or My Country 'Tis of Thee (did i spell that right? i did...right?? idk) and some of us sang other stuff. I sang Someone You Loved. lol

Also, instead of singing it on stage in front of a ton of people, I got to go in a smaller room with like 1/4 of the people because not everyone wanted to audition for music but I was like bruh fine I'll do it even though I know I won't get in. Then I read some lines from the scripts. Then I was excused. I don't think there are callbacks but I'm waiting for the cast list now sksksksk.

Anyways, let's conclude this with how much I've saved.


$750.86 saved; $800 aside. $749.14 to go.

January 21, 2020

It's a year since this project was erected! (erected? interesting word choice there 2023) Just in time too because I'm pretty much halfway there.

Honestly? I don't have that much to say other than I earned another $0.25 from returning a cart at Aldi. I'm trying to grind surveys again but finals are tomorrow so... :')

Also, about One Acts, I got into an acting part and a singing part. Not bad for my first showcase huh

That', really. I'm looking for new music too to fuel my second music boom. The music boomers from last year are gettin kinda salty with new boomers :')

$751.11 saved; $800 aside. $748.89 to go.

February 2020

February 1, 2020

Happy February. Also happy 2 years since I got braces on. 2018 was 2 years ago? damn :’)

Anyways, I was looking through some of my old stuff and I found a box where I tried to collect quarters from all 50 states. I’m only missing 3-ish and then I’ll complete it (this doesn’t include U.S. territories or commonwealths or landmark, except D.C.). I also collected a bunch of landmark quarters but didn’t officially count them as part of my collection, sorta like how neutral votes don’t count towards the final vote on the AJW. Somehow I also had a dollar coin and a half-dollar coin in there.

Here’s what I’ve decided: I don’t need the “landmark” coins. I don’t want them. I’m putting them in my cash box as money for the project. For my 50 states collection, all I’ll be collecting is the 50 states, D.C., a normal quarter, and the 1976 “centennial” version of the quarter (at least I THINK it’s the centennial version of it...). All I need is 3 of the states and the normal quarter, and I’m done. Once I’m done, I‘ll turn those into money too; I just want to be able to say that I’ve collected all 50 states as well as D.C. and the other two.

I have 22 landmark quarters. If I add the half-dollar and dollar coins to that amount, together they make exactly $7.00 if I’m not wrong. (i need to start using sig figs/digs hahah don’t i?)

Also, in the same collection, I randomly found $4.15 CAD (Canadian dollars). I’m assuming it’s leftover from when my family visited Canada a few years back, but according to Google, it’s $3.14 USD. I might see if I can get that converted.

Quiz Bowl—we had a meet on Thursday night and my team won 3-1!! That means my mom owes (haha not really) me... I don’t remember how much but I’m sure I mentioned it somewhere back. I’ll have to check, but for the time being, I’ll keep in mind that there’s some money there.

haha we had a rehearsal for one acts on monday but i didn’t see that my director alex (not his real name) sent me a facebook message telling me about it so i missed it and now he’s going to cry if i don’t have my lines memorized the following monday :’)

$758.11 saved; $800 aside. $741.89 to go.

February 2, 2020

Okay, so, I went and managed to sell off a bunch of my old books on eBay and just shipped them out today - The Illuminati, the two old National Geographic issues (FINALLY LOLOL), The Princess and the Unicorn, And We Stay, and a couple more I don't remember but I sold them for $2.00-$4.00 each and managed to get $12.00. WOO

Actually even though eBay says my total was exactly $12.00, they only gave me $11.33 because of some kind of processing fee or whatever so... :/ but it's better than nothing!

I also have a pending payment from someone else on eBay who bought a bunch of other books (Meridian, Dizzy Fantastic and the Flying Bicycle, Arclight, etc.) which totaled up to $19.87 (i think?? idrc if it's wrong though because read on) and of COURSE eBay didn't give me the full total. For some reason PayPal says $19.08 is pending and has like a whole ass month left for transfer so I'm going to wait until I actually get it to count it in.

Anyways like I said in my last entry, Alex is going to cry tomorrow if I don't memorize my lines for One Acts so bye I need to study and sleep.

$769.44 saved; $800 aside. $730.56 to go.

February 5, 2020

I just reread this USUK fanbook/doujinshi and I’m crying again. :’)

Anyways, I sold off a bunch of other stuff and I have another pending payment of $19.03, but I got another payment of $9.39 - no payment. So I have about $38.06 that’s pending (I still don’t know why, though) and another +$9.39.

Also, since we won our last quiz bowl meet (my team did, at least), that’s like $5.00 or something but I still haven’t checked back on my old entries so idrk.

Here’s the thing about One Acts: we don’t have rehearsal every day like it was with Bye Bye Birdie and Frozen Jr. Instead, we have a few rehearsals every few days until our shows on the 27th or 28th or somewhere around that. I’m gonna estimate that the most I can earn from the rehearsals, taking both the show and song, to about $20, but no more. As for the shows, $10.00 (I’m assuming we’d do 1 performance for each and, since I’m in two, that’s $5.00 for each show).

Also, I just sold some unopened Carlos Santanta CD (I don’t even know where I got it from, tbh) for $9.50 (excluding shipping costs) and I’m waiting for the buyer to pay. Yay, quick money is coming in soon. :D

Until next time. Honors English is killing me. No, Mrs. Carriedo, I am not going to write a huge ass essay about how the author buried a super deep meaning into that one sentence in the middle of the paragraph because no, the author did not intentionally put that “meaning” into there so your argument that it’s true is stupid. But I’ll do it anyway for the sake of AP Lang&Comp next year. (no flex intended.)

(P.S. exactly one year ago today, my bus almost crashed and we got stuck because the roads were too slippery and we almost died but I’m still here, yeet)

$778.83 saved; $800 aside. $721.17 to go.

February 18, 2020

I've been gaining a bunch of money recently that I've kinda forgotten how much I've earned, so I'm just going to recount everything.

Here's what I think I remember I earned recently: $1.00 in Chinese New Year money, $10.00 I didn't spend during a Quiz Bowl meet last weekend (2 of our school's 4 teams qualified for nationals, I wasn't in one of those teams though lol), and I bought something for $20.00 and sold it for $24.00-ish so that's like a $3.90 profit idk and more.

As of now, I have $207.43 in PayPal (funds are no longer on hold), $520.04 in my bank account, $126.65 in cash ($9.65 of which is coins). I'm pretty sure I don't have money stored anywhere else...I can't think of any other place I'd store money. So all that adds up to $854.12. Not bad, really.

So I'm just gonna talk about what I'm planning right now.

One Act Shows: the most I'll earn from this is around $20, probably, maybe $25, not sure.

iPoll: The deal with iPoll here is that I'm not getting surveys recently. I'll try to fetch up $100.00 by the end of 2020 but with the rate of surveys I'm getting, I'm not sure I'll be able to. $0.50 a day will get me there, though.

Qmee: Same with iPoll, I'll shoot for $0.50 a day.

MyPoints: If I can get 1,000 points a week, I'll have enough to buy two $100.00 e-gift cards for PayPal (each one is exactly 15,880 points) and maybe one $50.00 gift card (exactly 7,940 points) and one $25.00 gift card (exactly 3,970 points) by the end of 2020. If I'm lucky, I could get three $100 gift cards, but considering the time I have left in 2020 I'm gonna say no and just shoot for the $275.00, maybe just $225.00 if possible.

Survey Junkie: I'm hoping to get $20.00 out of it by the end of 2020 like I did in 2019, but I'm gonna have to really keep up with the stuff they send me in emails.

Make Money: I have like 5,000 points there right now which is enough for $5.00 through PayPal, but I'm gonna keep going until like 50,000 points so I can get $50.00. Works for me, I just need to play some dumb casino games every hour.

Fansigning: I might make a post pressing for commissions and also sell up some brushes on Etsy (I have a few-ish ideas like clouds n stuff) and see if I can rack up some stuff. Shooting for $100.00, probably not gonna get that much though, but it doesn't really matter ig, setting a goal keeps me motivated.

For my birthday on May 29th, I'm going to ask for money, no doubt about it.

That's all I've got for now. Auditions for the spring musical are on March 3rd. If I get in...well, you know what that means, more rehearsals and more money. Also, my school is performing our 2019 fall musical Bye Bye Birdie again in June for some showcase or whatever. I can't wait to do it again. :') More reharsals, more money :D

Also, expect that this project page won't be updated for a while, perhaps not until late March or April, because I've got some busy things going on. I promise I'll keep track of my progress outside of this page, though. Not sure if I'll update it for the older days or just pile it onto one entry but we'll see.

$854.12 saved; $1,000.00 aside. $645.88 to go.

March 2020

March 16, 2020


Right now I'm on spring break and school's shut until the 30th thanks to COVID-19 so I've got some time to kill.

Anyways, I applied for Rev as a captioner a while back, which is a transcription/captioning website. (Registered under my mom's name btw.) They said I got accepted but are waiting to let me get onboard. According to the internet, they usually pay $50ish a week. Assuming I'm boarded in mid-April, I could earn around $1,600 or so by the end of 2020

Ha. $1,600. Shut the hell up. That doesn't sound at all realistic. $1,000 seems more like it.

Anyways, as for the spring play, I didn't get in this time cause of the small cast room, but I'm thinking of joining tech; I've always wanted to, as well. That's proving that the whole thing isn't cancelled because of the coronavirus. I'm too lazy to calculate the whole tech money, and I don't have enough info anyways, so that'll have to wait.

Now let's see how much money I earned from the winter 2020 showcase:

$5.00 for the audition, $0.50 for every hour of rehearsal, $5.00 for every show. I auditioned for two things so that's $10.00. Most rehearsals are about 3 hours long, so $1.50 for every rehearsal. We had about 18 rehearsals, so that's another $26.00. I was in all four shows, so that's another $20.00. In total, that's $56.00 from the showcase. WOO

I recently sold a bunch of stuff on eBay again, and also eBay just took like $20 from me for some reason sooo 🙄🙄🙄 I literally don't know how much money I have right now, so that's that. When the payments are finished I'll update it all.

Speaking of Tier 1; haha, we didn't pass this time. No orchestra hall, rip. But I had about $3 left over from buying lunch so...

I was going to go to a quiz bowl meet, but it was "indefinitely postponed" due to the coronavirus. Eep.

Also, I'm obsessed with Avril Lavigne's album Head Above Water. If you're into rock or pop music and need some encouragement this is for you. I'm a warrior and it's all in me. I'm going to meet Alvaro if it's the last thing I do.

Until next time.

Idk saved; $1,200.00 aside. 700-600ish to go.

March 25, 2020

Some things are gonna have to be changed.

Thanks to the coronavirus, our school's closed until May 4th. That means the spring play is "indefinitely postponed". If the virus is still bad until June, then that means no spotlight Bye Bye Birdie either. I sincerely hope it won't drag on until fall 2020 cause that's when the other musicals start.

Also, I've kinda given up on surveys, really. iPoll gives me nothing, Qmee earns me nothing. MyPoints is doing okayish; I'll just have to keep pushing the surveys there. I think I'll just do a few surveys a week and that's the cap for all three of them.

Gosh, this virus is driving us all insane.

I still haven't been onboarded for Rev, but they're sending me updates every Wednesday/Friday to let me know if I am. It's taking a lot longer because of the virus and this is kinda the only gig that certain people can have.

Also, this virus is probably going to be a pandemic until 2021. If things calm down by that year, then the plan to see Alvaro then is still on board. If not, we'll have to look to a different year, perhaps 2022 or 2023.

Idk saved; $1,200.00 aside. $700-600ish to go.

March 29, 2020


Idk saved; $1,200.00 aside. $700-600ish to go.

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