See parts 2 and 3 here: $1,500 (Part 2), $1,500 (Part 3)

Most of you know by now that I'm trying to earn $3,000 USD so I might be able to meet Álvaro one day. Here is where I'll post my progress or add new ideas or updates. Feel free to give me some advice. 🤧 - 2023zhanl38

12/25/2019 edit: The goal has been changed from $3,000 to $1,500, hence the name change of the project.


  • I'm setting a goal for 2019 to earn $1,000. If I manage, I'll try to go for another $1,000 in 2020, $1,000 more in 2021, and by 2022 or 2023 (lol...) I should have enough.
  • The main reason I need so much is because the dang flight tickets are like $2,500, but of course then there's the hotel fee and the tickets and other stuff -
  • Things I can do are online surveys, fansigning, selling stuff like those two 2006 issues of National Geographic that I smuggled out of art class and somehow didn't get busted, getting a part-time job, ask for money as presents instead of other stuff, doing more chores so I can get an allowance, and those are all of my ideas right now.
  • I've finally got a PayPal account (mostly) set up with my mom yasss

January 2019

January 21, 2019

I haven't earned any money yet. Or, I have earned $10-something by doing online surveys, but I don't have PayPal set up yet and I don't have enough to cash out so that'll have to wait.

Regarding PayPal, I'm not old enough to have an account on my own (you have to be 18) so if I set it up, I'll have to ask my mom to help. The account will technically be "hers" and she'll see everything I do but as long as she doesn't do anything else with it I'm all good :D

As of now, the only money I have is saved up from over the years. :P

$22.92 saved. $2,977.08 to go.

January 22, 2019

Okay, so, a couple of days ago, I was searching up how much flight tickets from MN to, say, Prague (the destination could always be different but I'll use Prague as an example) cost, and it turns out my original "calculation" (more like a guess, actually) was quite a bit incorrect.

I thought that plane tickets only went one way; then you had to buy another one to get back. However, I realized that when it comes to a flight to Europe from America, it's "cheaper" to buy a round-trip ticket where it covers you for both to and from (I thought only one-way tickets existed).

Because of that, I used to think that if a plane ticket cost...let's say $1,200 according to Google, then I'd have to buy two of them to get to and from Europe, making the total cost of them $2,400 (I made it $2,500 to be safe).

Now that I know that a round-trip flight ticket is better from the US to Europe, and has you booked to AND from your destination, I did some more looking around. It turns out that if a flight ticket costs...let's say $1,900, combine that with the concert ticket, hotel fees, and extra money just in case and if I'm not completely calculating this wrong or forgetting something, I'd only need about...$2,500 instead of $3,000. That's $500 less than I originally thought.

However I'm still going to keep my goal at $3,000 because like I said before, I have a feeling that I'm missing something. Flight tickets, the concert ticket (like $180), and the hotel fees can't be all I need, and even then, I have no idea about the location where is best for me to go to OR the hotel OR the airline OR the date, not to mention that I don't even know if Alvaro will still be doing VIP tickets in the future or if plane tickets will even be available the dates I can go. Looks like $3,000 is better.

Actually, wait, it looks like a VIP ticket is about €130 (this was from the 2017 European Tour) but the price could likely increase by the time I earn enough money, so I'll bump that up to €145. Convert that to USD and that's about $164.77 as of today. Not that far from $180 so I'll still keep my original goal, but maybe I won't need exactly $3,000 to meet him.

$22.92 saved. $2,977.08 to go.

January 23, 2019

I'm doing some math here.

Let's assume that I'm only going to Europe to meet Alvaro; in other words, I'm not going there to do or visit anything or anywhere else. Let's also assume that the total I need to earn is $3,000 and that the deadline is August 1, 2022: that's about 41 months from the day I'm writing this.

I have several ways to earn money as stated at the top of the page:

  • Online surveys. The two I found that work the best are iPoll and SurveysOnTheGo (? don't remember if that's the name).
    • iPoll has many, many surveys and a minimum of $25 cash-out. I don't qualify for a lot of surveys, likely because I'm not old enough for most, but I'll estimate that I can earn $20 a month if I do enough surveys. That'll earn me about $240 from iPoll alone: by 8/1/22, I'll estimate that I'll have $820 earned from this source/method.
    • SurveysOnTheGo rarely gives me surveys; about one per month. Their minimum cash-out is $10, but since I get so little, I'll estimate that I'll only be able to earn $10 from this in a year. By 8/1/2022, I'll estimate that I'll have earned about $34 from this source/method.
      • From online surveys in total, I'll estimate that I'll have earned $874 following the above "conditions".
        • Let's assume that i is the number of iPoll surveys I do and that s is the number of SurveysOnTheGo surveys I do. Assuming that each iPoll survey earns me $1, every SurveysOnTheGo survey earns me $0.50, and that I'll make a goal for at least $880 from this source, i + 0.5s ≥ 880.
  • Fansigning. I can make fansigns, but they aren't very good and I don't have anyone currently requesting one or even commissioning me. Assuming that I'll price them at $3 each and that I get 2 commissions a year, that's about $18 from fansigning by 8/1/22.
    • Let's assume that f is the number of commissions I do and that I need to earn at least $15 from fansigning. Also assuming that $3 is how much I'll get paid for each commission, 3f ≥ 15.
  • Ask for money as presents. I could ask for money as presents for my birthday and Christmas.
    • My birthday + Christmas each come once a year. However, 8/1/22 is 4 months before Christmas, so that brings the total down to 7. Assume that four out of three of the times, I'll be asking for other stuff instead of money; if I ask for $20 each time, then I'll get $60 by 8/1/22, but the amount may fluctuate a little.
      • Now that we are assuming that three of the times, I'll ask for money as presents, let's assume that m is the amount of money in USD I'm asking for (which, remember, can change). If I'm hoping to get at least $70 from this by 8/1/22 and assuming there are three times I'll ask for the money as presents, 3m ≥ 70.
  • Sell stuff I don't need. I could sell old books or clothes or those two NatGeo issues I have. According to a site that I found, the two issues of the magazine I have (March and April 2006) are worth about $3. At the quality I got them, the March issue would be $3 but the April issue I'd bring down to perhaps $2.50 (one of the pages is bent...weirdly).
    • Let's assume I sell both issues. That's $5.50 from this by 8/1/22, but let's assume I sell other stuff as well. For example, at Dollar Tree, there are some pretty nice books or items that are sold there for only a dollar but if I sell them online I might be able to fetch up to $10. (no I'm not paying for the items lol whenever I go to Dollar Tree with my mom I'll just snatch 'em)
      • Assuming that each item I sell is $3 and that I want to earn at least $40 by this method by 8/1/22; we'll say that t is the number of items I sell. So, 3t ≥ 40.

Put these together and: 3f + i + 3m + 0.5s + 3t ≥ 1005. Yeah...$2000 short of what I'd need. :P

So I'll rewrite the equation like this: 3f + i + 3m + 0.5s + 3t ≥ 3000. Somehow, I'll either at some point have to incorporate more sources/methods or make it so that the value of the variables is higher. A lot higher. And I need to set up a PayPal account. Ugh.

But hey, at least I have all the math sorted out now and I know what I have to do. If I get the hug/autograph/photo with my idol that I've been dreaming of for so long, four years just for four minutes or even seconds together with him will be worth it. :D

(And yeah, I'll have to solve that equation at some point. Figure out what a reasonable value for each variable is so I know how much I have to do.)

P.S. thanks, Mr. Peterson, for teaching me this math stuff.

$22.92 saved. $2,977.08 to go.

January 28, 2019

Today school was cancelled, yeet! I talked to my mom about a PayPal account. The thing is, I already "had" one, but it wasn't linked to a credit/debit card or bank account so I couldn't cash out from Survey Junkie, the first survey website I used. The reason why I stopped using that website was because I read somewhere that it was a scam, but I do have enough to cash out now.

Since my PayPal isn't completely linked to the bank account yet, I can't cash out. But my mom sent $10 USD as a test and she says I can keep it. So, my first "profit" this year!! Yessss ^_^ Once I turn fourteen in May I'll be old enough to have my "kid's bank" (idk?) account and from then on, I'll use that.

Anyway, I may need to edit my equation up there to include Survey Junkie...proving it isn't a scam, lol. Also. I found sites called Tophatter and Wish. If I buy stuff cheap and then sell it for a little more expensive than I purchased it for, I might earn something. I also want to save up for a few other little items on my own, such as this lil necklace I saw that I know my friend would love (elephants...hahaha).

(P.S. school is cancelled for tomorrow and Wednesday too!!! one of the reasons why I love you Minnesota XD)

$32.92 saved. $2,967.08 to go.

January 30, 2019

I remember some other stuff that I’d need: transportation. Plane tickets set aside, I’d also need money for transportation within Europe. I’d need money to travel by bus/taxi. Food and water is also something but I guess I could just bring a ton of instant ramen, bottled water, and this kitchen item my family uses to boil the water with.

Setting aside Alvaro we also have Shawn. Yes, Shawn Mendes. He performs in the US so I don’t have to travel to Europe if I want to meet him, but the VIP package involved with meeting him is like $700 and by 2021 it might be $800. He is doing a tour this year but the VIP packages are all sold out for my location lol and I don’t even know if I can go to his concert at all on 6/21 :( but if they become available again when he does another tour in a few years, I’ll see if I can set aside $700 for him. Or I can ask my parents to pay $200 of it as a birthday gift? We'll see.

But hey, remember, Alvaro is and always will be my first priority when it comes to this money saving. I downloaded five more survey apps. One of them involves video responses only and another only allows you to cash out to Amazon or to a charity, which, unfortunately, isn’t what I’m looking for. Maybe I could buy stuff on Amazon that I want or stuff that I can sell again? I don’t know. None of those five give me a ton of surveys either (except Qmee) so we’ll have to see how far I get.

I also signed up for a site called YouGov. Sadly, they don't have PayPal available to redeem later, but they do have $50 and $100 cash as a bank transfer. That's 67,000 and 100,000 points respectively. I'll save up for the $100 transfer because two $50 transfers would be more than 100,000 points. I'm hoping I can cash out the $100 transfer by 8/1/22. By then I'll also have a bank account. You can transfer from PayPal to a bank account, but I don't know if it works the other way around. I'll go and check when I can.

As for the five survey sites I signed up for today, they are:

  • Google Opinion Rewards. It allows you to cash out to PayPal so that's nice. The minimum cash-out is $2, but the last time I used the app I didn't get any surveys for months. As of today I only have $0.10 from the welcome survey.
  • SurveyMonkey Rewards. The surveys are pretty quick. Minimum cash out is $5. Unfortunately, I can only redeem this for Amazon gift cards or donating to a charity, so I don't know if I'll be using this one as much. I also wasn't getting very many surveys yet, but I'll see. As of today, I have $1 from the first survey there.
  • AttaPoll. This one notifies me about surveys. The minimum payout is 300 credits; as of now, I have 20 credits, which it says is $0.26.
  • Qmee. Okay, I love this one. I get quite a few surveys (usually paying between $0.10-$0.50), I can cash out to PayPal, and guess what's cool about it? There's no minimum cash-out! I can withdraw the money I've earned whenever I want, regardless of how much I have. Of course, I won't be able to get it until May when I can get a bank account and verify my PayPal account, but hopefully by then, I'll have $50. Really. Today I've already earned more than $2.
  • Voxpopme. Unfortunately this one only allows video responses, meaning I have to respond to questions recording a video, showing my face, speaking. I'm really not for that so I had to uninstall this one. :(

Back in September of 2018, I downloaded something called Make Money Online. It was this app where it would give you credits for downloading other apps. I didn't use it until now because I wasn't getting any offers I was interested in. But now I'm hoping to cash out $10 by the end of 2019. The minimum is $5, or 5,000 credits. The highest you can cash out is $50, which is 50,000 credits, and there are also $10 (10,000 credits) and $20 (20,000 credits) cash out options, all to PayPal. Eventually, I'm hoping to get some extra money there.

I also use this application on my phone called Sweatcoin. It doesn't count a lot of steps and the only actual payout I found is $1000 to PayPal, but that takes 20,000 Sweatcoins. One Sweatcoin = 1,000 verified steps (minus a 5% commission) and a lot of the steps I earn aren't even "verified". I only have around 30 Sweatcoins and that's since September 2018. :T I found another app called Cash for Steps. I can't download it on my phone right now because it's dead, but I'm checking it out on the iPad. It turns out you can only cash out to Amazon or iTunes. Nah...but if I carry my phone around everywhere, I can earn enough steps to earn some Amazon money. I'll buy something, maybe, and sell it again. I don't know what.

This app called Hopper might be useful in the future for finding cheaper hotels and flights. Maybe some money could be saved; we'll see. I'll download it now in case I need it later.

Until next time. - 2023zhanl38

P.S. school got cancelled for tomorrow as well AGAIN! woohooo! Also, I got more braces on the back of my teeth. And that polar vortex isn't over. And I'm eating dumplings tonight. Yeah, I'll leave now. See ya!

$32.92 saved. $2967.08 to go.


So, 1/12 of 2019 is over! I think it was a great month to start off on; here's where I'm at.

  • Total earned (misc.):
    • PayPal: $10.00
  • Total earned in online surveys:
    • iPoll: $12.00 (11 surveys)
    • Qmee: $4.77 (14 surveys)
    • Make Money: 365 credits (about $0.365; 10 tasks)
    • AttaPoll: 27 credits (not sure of USD equivalent; 6 surveys)
    • SurveysOnTheGo: Unsure; currently $7.25 saved up total
    • Survey Junkie: Unsure: currently $13.47 saved up total
    • Google Opinion Rewards: $0.21 (2 surveys)
    • SurveyMonkey Rewards: $1.30 (2 surveys)
    • YouGov: Unsure: currently 2,100 points saved up total

So, it looks like I'm getting somewhere with online surveys. Of course, I need to do a lot more if I'm going to get $3,000 in three years. But hey, I'm off to a start. The only money I actually earned this month was the $10.00 my mom sent to my PayPal as a test. When I'm older, I think I'll try for a Saturday job. Might just be as well; my birthday is only a week or two before the school year ends. Then I'm off to high school.

$32.92 saved. $2,967.08 to go.

February 2019

February 1, 2019

Hey, it's February! Woohoo! I'm shooting for $100 by the end of the month. Maybe not actually redeemed, but earned. Somehow. I'll manage.

Anyway, I did some math at school again today and added in Qmee and Survey Junkie.

Let’s assume that I earn $1 on Qmee each day and $0.25 on Survey Junkie each day. There are 122 days until June 1st. 122 times 0.25 is 30.5. Obviously, 122 times 1 is 122, so add that to 30.5 and hopefully I can get $152.50 by June 1st. By the end of 2019...maybe I can fetch up to $305 from these two sources combined, proving that I'm not doing the math wrong.

And let's see. If I can get a small job over the summer, assume that I'm paid $1.25 per hour (?) and I work 2 hours a day, four days a month, three months in 2019, that's $36. Only $36, though? I'm probably going to work more than just four days a month, depends. In June my (distant-ish) cousin is getting married and we have to travel to China (the reason why I might not be able to go to Shawn's concert on 6/21...) so that month isn't going to work; I'll stick with online surveys then. I guess I'll just work more hours or more days during July/August and maybe into September and October, though high school might be keeping me busy except on weekends.

So let's say I work three hours a day, eight days a month, for four months in 2019. Assume it's the same pay as last time. 1.25 times 3 is 3.75. 3.75 times 8 is 30. 30 times 4 is 120. If I work a little extra, I can fetch up to $120 from a job in 2019.

That's not all, though. The job might pay more or less depending on which one I get. I might work more or less. I'm hoping to get $200 from a job this year; I don't feel like quitting the job and then going back or searching for a new one next year so maybe I'll have it all year, who knows. High school might just get in the way...

Whatever, it's 11:30 PM here now and I'm tired as hell. Álvaro, I've got a good feeling about this. We'll meet one day; I promise that one day, I'll earn enough money to meet you. Nothing is impossible. It'll all be worth it in the end. ❤️

$32.92 saved. $2,967.08 to go.

February 3, 2019


BIG oof.

So, I thought I'd get paid $1.25 an hour for a small job. After some research...looks like it's actually around $8, depending on the job and place. Again, oof.

Now let's see...if I work two hours a day for eight days a month, four months a year, that's $512 if I'm not doing the math wrong. Hey, that's a nice profit, though of course, it could definitely fluctuate a little bit!

Setting the job aside, I've earned an extra dollar today! Since Chinese New Year is coming soon, we've got these things where some money, usually a dollar, is put inside a small red packet/bag. They're handed out to children usually by an elder. I'm not sure I'm a "child" as the tradition depicts anymore, but my mom brought back one and gave it to me lol so now I'm up another dollar!! Yesss ^_^ my brother clearly doesn't want his dollar for some reason. He never uses them and never goes up to get one, so technically speaking I guess I could just snatch his? But Alvaro wouldn't want me to do that so I won't. XD

$33.92 saved. $2966.08 to go.

February 9, 2019

Hey! I've earned $24.60 on iPoll! Just $0.40 more and I'm able to cash out! (Not yet, though, too bad...but I'm shooting to get $40 saved up total by the end of the month :D)

This week's been pretty crazy 'cause I almost died on the bus but with a stroke of luck I didn't and I'm still here. Phew.

Anyway, here's an update on Qmee. I'm still getting quite a bit of surveys but I'm qualifying for less and less and earning less and less. Right now I have $10.96. Previously, I estimated that I might be able to earn $1 a day. I'm bringing that down to $0.50, so let's do the math again.

I know we have less than 122 days until June 1st, but who cares, especially since I have $10.96 there right now. So, doing the math, 122 times $0.50 is $76. By the end of 2019 I might have about $152 from Qmee alone. I'm really not earning anything from Survey Junkie right now so I'll bring that down to, say, $40 by the end of 2019. Add that to Qmee and we have $192. Not a lot toward $3,000, I know, but I swear I'll get a part-time job sometime, okay? Lol

Also, on "Make Money", I managed to get enough to cash out for $5. Of course, I can't cash out yet, so I'll keep doing more tasks until I hopefully can get $10 or $50. And as for fansigning...I don't know. I don't find much fun in it anymore. I'll keep doing it, though.

Until next time. - 2023zhanl38

$33.92 saved. $2,966.08 to go.

February 13, 2019

Well. I'm gonna redo some math here. And research. Maybe I'll change my goal if I need to. Lol

Before I start, the reason why I'm doing this is because Alvaro has just released VIP tickets for his tour this year. I checked and the price for the upgrade I want to get is now €195. (The La Cintura upgrade is only €55 but it doesn't include the meet and greet which is the whole point of this project in the first place lmao) The last tour, in 2017, had the Sofia upgrade, but that was only €130. Assuming that the price for the second VIP upgrade increases by €70 every tour, that means by 2023, I'll estimate that it'll be about...€335, but I'll make it €350 just to be safe. Convert that to USD and that's $394.43 USD (I'll make it $400 to be safe). aaaaaah okay lemme recalculate how much I actually need

Let's assume:

  • plane tickets are $1,900
  • hotels are $50 per night and I stay there for three nights, making $150; $200 to be safe
  • the VIP ticket is $400
  • $200 extra money for whatever reason it needs to be used

1,900 + 200 + 400 + 200 is $2,700 if I'm not missing still less than $3,000. Hey, I can get there, definitely! Maybe no more room for Shawn, but to be completely honest, I don't care about not meeting him. >:D

(P.S. A few days ago I got $25 on iPoll!! Yassss)

$33.92 saved. $2,966.08 to go.

February 16, 2019

...yeah I left out something really important.

I forgot that the VIP upgrades don't include an actual admission to the concert, meaning that if I were to attend the concert at all, I'd still have to buy a regular ticket as well as the VIP upgrade. The last time I checked, regular tickets for the 2019 tour were about €40, but I'll estimate that'll be €95 by 2023. Convert that to USD and it's $101.67; I'll make it $110 to be safe.

Also, while at school yesterday, I was thinking. There's no way a good hotel in a comfortable spot from the venue/arena or wherever the show is would only be $50 a night; or at least, it wouldn't be easy to find one. So, I'll bump that up to $80 a night. Still assuming I'm staying for three nights, so that's $240 in hotel fees total. I'll just make that $250.

My original estimate from the 13th was $2,700. If I replace $200 with $250, that makes $2,750. Add the concert ticket and that's about $2,860 if I'm still not missing something, that is. :O

Setting that aside, I'm wondering if I should move this project to a private blog. I already have another place/blog where I post this exact same thing and the reason I'm thinking of sticking to putting it there instead is because the wiki page is public. Anyone could search up something random like "alvaro soler shawn mendes loca upgrade 2023" and find this, which actually isn't even relevant to them, to be honest. (shrugs)

Well, at least $3,000 still covers the new estimate! Back to earning in a while, since my brother has the iPad right now and tomorrow I'm going to Nickelodeon Universe and Monday is President's Day and we have no school and

$33.92 saved. $2,966.08 to go.

February 20, 2019

School was cancelled for today, the fifth time this year. Now I'm a spoiled lil brat all thanks to Minnesota's weather, aren't I? lol

Anyways, today, I'm saved up to $30.30 (double thirty hahaha) on iPoll. A while back I earned enough points on Make Money for a $10 cashout. I'm stuck at $12-ish on Qmee right now. AttaPoll is being a pain in the ass and kicking me out of surveys before I even start, so usually I only get 2 points from each. Maybe after a long while I'll finally earn enough to cash out. Ugh. And I feel too lazy to do Survey Junkie or YouGov. iPoll is doing pretty well, though! The only question now is, when can I cash out? uhhhm idek

Forgetting about surveys for a moment, I was thinking about those part-time jobs. If I do manage to get one, I don't want to leave it after the 2019 school year starts because I might not be able to get another and besides, I'm not even going to earn all that much if I just mope around for a few months. But I don't know if I can manage it throughout 2020.

Reasons I might not be able to keep it for long:

  • School. School is going to keep me occupied (high school. also being my first year), not to mention I might have after-school activities which can cause me to be inconsistent with a job. Also, crap, I don't know when school is dismissed at the high school. All I remember is that it's between 20-40 minutes LATER than my current middle school.
  • Electives. I want to do orchestra and German for all four years in high school, but that takes up both of my electives slots and gym/health has to be in there somewhere too or I can't graduate. There are options to do it (easily) over the summer, though, so I want to do that, but it could fill up the only summer time I have for a job or I'll become inconsistent with it.
  • Transportation. Now, you know I love Minnesota's weather and all, but when it gets cold, windy, snowy, and icy by the time autumn and winter roll around, it's not like I'll be able to just walk to the job (assuming it's close to where I live). I can't get a driver's license until I'm 16-ish, I believe, and I don't want to make my parents drive and pick me up every single time.
  • Orchestra. In summer, I always go to "summer orchestra". In 2018 they changed it so it only lasted for a week (but a duration of three or four hours). I guess I could just abandon summer orchestra because it's not at all required, it costs some bunch of money, and it isn't exactly the best thing ever, but the thought of not doing it makes me feel...weird, somehow.

Things I can do:

  • Work my ass off in July-August this year except during summer orchestra and up until a week before school starts; probably 4-6 days a week, 5-7 hours a day, to make the most out of the time this summer that I know I have
  • Work during July-August as well as throughout September-May, but not as much; likely after school if possible, mostly on Saturdays, probably 3-4 days a week and 3-5 hours a day; could be less
  • Ask older kids at my high school who also have a job (some pay for these $3,100 trips with orchestra/band/choir to Europe themselves) how they earn their money the best way

But who knows if I'll be able to do any jobs available? Lemme think for a sec on what I can and can't do...

Jobs I can get or things I can do:

  • Reloading machines with ice cream or cheese or stuff. It's pretty passive. Just dump stuff in, make sure it's working, and done.
  • Assembling burgers or other food. Easy, I guess. Make sure you have all the right stuff in the right places.
  • Washing dishes. A fast food place probably doesn't have dishes. But if I don't work at a place like a fast food chain, maybe this'll be a job available. My mom makes me do it often enough. lol

Jobs I can't get or things I can't do:

  • Managing/co-managing. Please. No. Those don't have flexible work hours at all and besides, who would make a stupid teenager the manager?
  • Clerk/waiter/drive-thru person/etc. Hey, I don't talk all that much, at least not verbally. I'm not meant for that stuff.
  • Chef. Assembling a stupid Big Mac without sauce won't be too hard, I guess, but something like cooking fries or bacon or just actually COOKING the food ain't gonna work, sorry.

Best and worst days to work:

  • Saturdays: Best. My mom is a Chinese teacher at some school on Saturdays. My brother goes with her and takes the iPad which means no online surveys then. My dad and I have nothing to do but shopping and I guess he could easily drop me off.
  • Mondays, Wednesdays: Okay. Unless I have something else to do on these days (I normally don't), I think I'll have time for a small job.
  • Thursdays, Fridays: We'll see. I don't know if the second rehearsal of this extra orchestra club I want to do is on Thursday or Friday. If it's before school, not so bad, but if it's after, then I don't know if I can work those days.
  • Tuesdays, Sundays: Not so good. I never have the energy to do anything on Sundays and the first rehearsal of the orchestra club is likely on Tuesday.

So, of course, this could always change. In the summer, it won't be too much of a problem because I have no school then, but things in middle/high school are different.

Thinking about what needs to happen for this whole project to be successful, there are some things that might prevent me from meeting Alvaro or going to his tour at all, not including money. There's so many and not limited to the ones listed below.

Things that might interfere with actually meeting/seeing Alvaro or any constraints:

  • School. Yeah, yeah, but April-May, which is likely when Alvaro will do reasonable tour locations, is also the time for huge tests throughout the district. We do it every year. I guess I could make the trip land on a weekend since sometimes they don't have us test on Mondays, but I don't want to miss out on the only time I have for testing since it's really important that I complete it.
  • A location in which he'll speak English during the concert. In other words, this means I might not be able to go to Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, etc. because he won't be speaking English during the concert and I can't understand what he'll be saying. (Come to think of it, it's not going to be that big of an issue since I'm only going there to meet him, but whatever, he might assume I speak a language I don't or I won't be able to speak the languages other fans will be speaking or something? idk)
  • Flights/hotels available during then. Maybe the only flights available during certain concerts won't be available. Or hotels could be filled. Unlikely since there's so many airlines and hotels but, who knows. (shrugs)
  • Jet lag. This won't prevent me from meeting him but it's going to be an issue. Most potential concert locations are in CET, which is a whole seven hours ahead of my time. I'm going to get knocked out of whack sooner or later.

Potential locations I can visit:

  • Poland. This means Warsaw, Lublin, Gdańsk, Kraków, Katowice, Poznań, anywhere like that. Alvaro has a lot of Polish fans but he doesn't speak Polish so...English it is!! I've always wanted to visit Poland too. The only issue with this is that flights are more expensive since it's farther away...
  • Netherlands. Nope, he doesn't speak Dutch. So, Amsterdam, Utrecht (lmao I thought it was "Altrechts" kill me now) works.
  • Belgium. Or whatever languages are spoken in this nation. Brussels is a location he visits at times.
  • Czech Republic. Nor does he speak Czech; I'm using Prague as an example for my calculations, in fact.
  • France. He does speak some French, but it's not a lot and he'll probably stick with English for most of the time.
  • Russia. Hey look, I know, he doesn't go to Russia and has only been there once or twice, usually for reasons other than performing. But he has quite a few Russian fans and might be going to Moscow or St. Petersburg by 2023. Just a thought (though it's going to be more expensive to go there...).
  • United Kingdom. ALRIGHT alright yes, I know, he's not going to London or Birmingham anytime soon. But I swear, London is actually a potential location where there's about a 5% chance of being included in a tour by 2023. It's also a cheaper destination.
  • Finland. Yeah. I know. I should stop making up this crap. Of course he isn't going to Finland. But he's gone there before, for promos or performing. If he ever decides to go to Finland during a tour, that (or Sweden but - OKAY NEVERMIND I'LL STOP HAHAHAHAHA) would be my #1 location choice, proving it lands on the right date (and I'll have extra money for the tickets because it's more expensive).

Now, hear me out, I actually don't care if he won't be speaking English during the show. It would be better because then it's easier for me to communicate with other fans during the meet and greet and make things less awkward if he did but what I care about is meeting him and watching him perform. So, I guess I can visit Germany and Austria and Switzerland too. Not Italy or Spain, though. Italy just isn't for me; I seriously wouldn't fit in at all. I'd just feel trapped the whole time. And as much as I love Spain and Spaniards and Alvaro, the weather (to me) is hell over in that place and I feel too scared to visit for some reason. But I guess, if I have no other choice, I'll visit there too, because meeting Alvaro and hearing him sing live is all I need. ❤️

Until next time.

$33.92 saved. $2,966.08 to go.

February 21, 2019

(I realized that yesterday's "post" was super long...the longest I've written. Hahahaha)

Well, I got my mom to verify our PayPal account today!! I went on Make Money and cashed out for $10. They said a confirmation email should be arriving in three or so days and then I'll have it. I'll see where I end up. Maybe I'll have $43.92 by next week. Maybe not. Who knows.

I still can't cash out for Survey Junkie yet because apparently my account isn't fully verified? Nor do I want to cash out on iPoll or Qmee yet because I want to get a bit more and know for sure that the PayPal account I have is completely verified.

I'm hoping to earn $60 on iPoll by May 29. Hopefully by the end of 2019 I'll have $100; maybe $120 if I'm lucky. If I get a job, I might have less time for surveys.

Thinking about what I said yesterday, if I work my ass off as 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 6 weeks, assuming I'm paid $5 an hour (probably more but I'm making it $5 just to be safe), I'll fetch up about $600 only in the summer. woww okay yes, I promise, I'm going to get a job. If I combine that with what I estimate I can get from online surveys, I'll probably fetch up to $840 by the end of 2019. I'm shooting for $1,000, though, so maybe if I work a bit more or get paid more...let's say I work seven hours every week following August. Until December 23, I'll say that's (about) 10 weeks. That might be an extra $350, making $1,190. Oh HELL yes I'm willing to fail a test for that! well maybe not but, hey, if I can work extra to earn extra money, then that's always to be taken up for. ;)

Come to think of it, the minimum wage here in Minnesota is $7, or about, I think. If that's how much I'm paid per hour instead...that's $840 from a job alone. Add online surveys to that and I can maybe get $1,080, approximately, of course. If I work the extra months/weeks, I can maybe, with some extra luck, get an extra $490, making $1,570. :O Jeez, if I can still work a bit over the school year and a tiny bit more in the summer (electives/orchestra, remember) as well as keep up with online surveys, I might actually have enough money by 2021. (Probably not though, lol, I think I might work 10 hours a week during the school year if I have enough time and get $700 extra in ten weeks. Another ten for ten and that's almost half of $3,000. Wow. I'll see if I can do it or not. Hopefully I can because the sooner I can meet Alvaro, the better!)

Right now I'm only about 1/100 of the way to my goal. But this will all work out, I promise. XD

$33.92 saved. $2,966.08 to go.

February 22, 2019

Before I get on to business talking I need to tell you guys this. I have to.

This morning in Spanish class, my teacher was playing some music during our work time. She usually plays popular latin music and today she was putting on "Calma" (which imo, is still a pretty nice song) and I thought, damn, she played this song like fifteen times before; I wish she'd play something from Álvaro. After "Calma" ended, I kept on thinking in my head, "Alvaro", as she searched for a new song.

The next song that played was I kid you not "Sofia".


okay okay I'm going to calm down now (inhale/exhale/inhale/exhale)

But speaking of today being one of the happiest days of 2019, something else Alvaro-related made this a great day. He posted on his Instastories, "Love 🇺🇸" and he said something along the lines of "This is for everyone in America. I get a lot of messages, like from students and all, saying that you're using my music to help you study Spanish and you really like it and I just think that's so cool! Thank you! I love you and I hope I can see you very, very soon!"

"I hope I can see you very, very soon!"

Now I'd be lying if I said I wasn't fangirling and freaking out so hard when I saw the American flag. ALVARO I LOVE YOU TOO. 😭❤️

Anyway, back into business talk and (not so) stupid calculations, I still don't have a confirmation email from Make Money yet. They said three days, so I'll wait three days. If I don't get the email or the money by then, well, screw it, I guess.

Today I also earned another $0.15 on Google Opinion Rewards. Hey, first time I've gotten a survey in a while. Hahaha. I'm also up to $14 on Qmee, though that was from yesterday.

I'm setting up an Indeed account, so in 3-5 months, when I turn fourteen and have the stupid vacation out of the way, I can look for a job. Maybe I'll set up other accounts on other websites too. I'm hoping to find a "Student" job in a nice environment that has easy work. We'll see what I can find later.

$33.92 saved. $2,966.08 to go.

February 24, 2019

Still no response from Make Money. (insert thinking face here)

Whatever. It hasn't been three days yet so I'll wait until tomorrow. I'm up to $33.60 on iPoll. Today I also got a $2 survey on SurveysOnTheGo, but it was about movie theaters and cinemas and hell no I don't go to that kind of stuff so of course, I didn't qualify and was kicked out. pfft

At least they gave me $0.10 which is more than what Survey Junkie and AttaPoll give when I don't qualify, but this is the first (and same...) survey they've given me since November or December. jeez y'all like are you for real? 'cause like c'mon y'all damn don't gimme the same survey all over again if y'KNOW I don't frickin' qualify 'cause y'ain't goin' nowhere, ain't gettin' nothin' from me doin' that, aight bro?

(k I'm done acting like a southern American now) Speaking of AttaPoll, I finally managed to complete a survey and earned 12 credits. Now I'm 133/300. At the rate of how much I'm earning there, I'll probably be able to cash out by May or June.

Today I was thinking again. The best things with a trip that can happen and the worst.

Best case scenario: A good location with the date either sometime during spring break, after school lets out, or during a time where missing school won't matter too much. Plane tickets and hotels are available as well as concert tickets and VIP upgrades. I'm able to go and someone goes with me. Nothing goes wrong.

Worst case scenario: I still can't see him by 2023.

So yeah, basically, the worst thing that can happen is that I can't meet Alvaro by 2023. I mean, 2025 is probably okay, but after that, it might be too late...? I'll be in college by September of 2023 and since the USA isn't free-university Finland, keeping up my savings is going to be impossible by then.

(Damn I'm really jealous of all the happy Scandinavians in their nice, peaceful little country which are unique, have a decent education system, not so crowded, perfect (in my opinion) weather, are so much closer to Álvaro, and just don't have all these issues and conflicts like the United States does. I seriously wish I lived in someplace like Norway or Denmark. I'd feel so much more at home there AND I wouldn't have to worry about over 100 (seriously) ways I could die right here in this current nation AND I wouldn't have to stress over a tiny action someone famous here does because I'm scared it could make other Solerinas see me in an even more negative way AND I wouldn't have to save up $3,000 just to meet my idol; instead, probably $500. Or €500. I wouldn't have to deal with being hated and ignored and never taken seriously by the rest of the A. Soler community just for being American because I wouldn't even BE American. As much as I love Minnesota, I hate how I'm treated throughout the community just for being from there. It's like when I say Alvaro is my idol, nobody believes me because they just don't think it's possible for a stupid American to be obsessed with an amazing guy from Spain. I have a few friends in particular I know I can trust but even then it's hard to communicate with them because I don't speak their language and their English isn't the best. But seriously. I love Alvaro just the way other Solerinas do, but the fact that I'm from someplace different and haven't met him before suddenly makes me a fake fan to the rest of the world somehow. I could move to Denmark later but I don't speak Danish and I'd always miss MN and I'd never be accepted as a real Dane because I'll never be a true citizen. Once you're in America, you're stuck there forever, it seems. ugh.)

(P.S. This Christmas 2019 I think I'm going to ask for money instead. I can't think of anything else I feel like getting right now besides Alvaro Soler merch. This could always change, though. (shrugs again) And sorry for venting up there. I'm just so mad everything's so hard for me in the A. Soler community just because I'm from a certain nation. Even if this project IS successful and my dream comes true, it's not like anyone will ever take me seriously there. It's like I'm some toxic idiot nobody wants to go near. If I start crying the moment I meet Alvaro (I probably much as I don't want to, that's my biggest dream ever, clearly) everyone will just think I was being a dramatic hypocrite EVEN THOUGH THERE ARE OTHER SOLERINAS WHO HAVE CRIED AFTER MEETING THEIR IDOL AS WELL. I can't even tell anyone in the community this because they'll just think I'm being even more dramatic. I love Alvaro. I love this community. But I feel so trapped there because I feel as if I'm treated and seen so differently. I get shaky just thinking of meeting Alvaro one day and the fact that nobody even believes that he truly IS my idol JUST AS MUCH AS EVERY OTHER SOLERINA and for a reason as stupid as "You're American" seriously hurts more than anyone can imagine.)

$33.92 and a whole crap ton of not being taken seriously saved. $2,966.08 to go.

February 25, 2019




(no I did not intentionally add five of each letter that was just my mind going wacko and somehow doing it without knowing lol)

Guys, I got the $10 from Make Money! I got it!! WOOHOO (dances and goes wild) Now I'm saved up to $43.92! I'm so happy right now I could explode hahahaha

Now that I know that Make Money is truly legit (it just takes a few days as they said to redeem stuff), I can count it as a "verified source" that I know of, one that I can trust I can actually gain legit money from. I'm going to assume the other ones I'm using are also real, but I can't confirm or verify that until I successfully cash out.

So, yeah, I'll keep on earning in Make Money. I don't even know if my PaPall - HAHAHAHA OKAY let me try to rewrite that I was too busy dancing to Loca - I don't even know if my (mom's) PayPal account is truly verified. My mom linked it to her bank account, but I don't see the "limit" thing (it's increased when you verify a PayPal account) and Survey Junkie is still saying I can't cash out because it's not fully verified; not only does it have to be linked to a bank account, but also a credit/debit card or a Social Security Number.

I'll solve that later. (coughs) Anyway, I'll keep downloading games on Make Money and earning some extra money lol. I don't want to cash out from iPoll until I get $50 or $100 and I know my PayPal is truly verified; the reason for this is because if I cash out at only $25 at a time it gets repetitive and I feel like I never get anywhere. Technically speaking, that would be for $10, not $25, which is more than twice over, so maybe I wouldn't find it repetitive to cash out four times. But I feel more motivated to earn when I see something like $30 saved up there. If I were to cash out now, I'd have about $77 saved up total.

I also just completed a survey for $0.25 on Qmee. 1/4 of my way to another dollar, lol

I thought of another way to earn some cash money. I have this little school orchestra contest thing coming up and we're eating lunch at the food court. I could ask my parents for some money, say I'm going to buy a snack or two, but don't actually use the money for it. I know, I know, that'd technically be lying, but let's say I buy a $1 cookie there and they hand me $10-20. C'mon. If I say I'll buy something and don't spend all of the money then I can just keep it and it won't exactly be 100% lying, right? They let me do that before and it's not like I'm stealing or smuggling anything from them mwahahahaha >:D

(Also why am I so happy about a measly ten dollars? Because it's another 1/300 of my way to my goal? Hahahaha by the end of this year some (not so) stupid ten dollars are probably going to mean nothing lmao)

(P.S. I miss 2018, late 2017, and early-mid 2016. I don't even know why. Those songs in my huge 130-song Spotify playlist must contain some nostalgia.)

February 25, 2019 (2)

...looks like I've run into a little problem here - OH screw it who tf am I kidding it's not goddamn little it's huge.

Issue: I can't actually have or use the PayPal money at all until I "claim" it and in order to do that, I have to type in a ton of stuff from my "ID". Which I don't have. And won't have until after May 29, 2021. Which even then I can't use until May 29, 2023. Which is way too late.

Now why can't I just type in stuff from my mom's ID? That's what I was thinking. But I can't do that because the PayPal account is registered under my name, not my mom's, which was a pretty stupid choice of me if it was going to be hers in the first place. I can't change the name registered in the account (well technically I can but I'm going to explain why I can't later) and it's not like I'm about to put in fake ID information. Heck, I'd have a better chance stealing stuff from others than getting away with this fake stuff.


  1. Just keep earning until I'm 16 and get a stupid ID yet will never be able to use it and never have the money in time for another tour.
  2. Send PayPal a photo of my real name on some official document in an attempt to change it or whatever and have them shut down my account because they think the account belongs to me (it doesn't).
  3. Send PayPal a photo of my mom's ID or official documents and maybe they'll change the name to my mom's name so then I can enter in her ID info and claim the money but risk PayPal thinking the account belongs to me because somehow they find out that kind of stuff.
  4. Keep earning until I have enough and then transfer to my mom's account before a tour so we can pay just like that but risk losing all the unclaimed money if something happens to PayPal or the account.
  5. Hold onto the unclaimed money (it isn't going anywhere) and once I get my own student or child bank account, transfer the money to my mom's bank account (which is already linked) and then have her transfer it to my account.

Yeah. Maybe I didn't tell you that you can just transfer stuff to a bank account that's already linked without having to put in ID stuff, proving that there's no need for more stupid ID verification. The best solution I can think of is just keep saving and by the time I can get a student bank account, transfer the money to my mom's account and then have her transfer it to mine - if that's even possible. And if there are any fees with that transfer then well jeez dude. Let's hope it's kept to a maximum of 5% and not something like 80% because I didn't spend all these hours and earn $100 just to truly redeem only $20 of it, y'all understand? ok

There was also the option to create a debit card or something and erm, I definitely can't do that right now so...yeah. I'm wondering if I should still count that $20 PayPal money as saved, considering I can't actually use it at all and if something happens to the account I can't withdraw it since it's unclaimed. But it's not going anywhere. So I'll keep on saving it up there until June-ish.

Once this project is over and all, I'll shut down this PayPal account (nobody will use it anymore) and create a new one when I have an ID and am actually eighteen years old. PayPal shuts down accounts that were created when the owner was under 18, even just a day. And, PayPal, in case you're reading this, no, I'm not 18, but the PayPal account "I" have isn't even mine, it's my mom's. I just store my savings there.

And (breathes in) this whole project for Alvaro reminds me of this book/movie called The Martian, in which some guy gets stuck on Mars and he keeps on running into huge problems yet still finds a way through them and eventually he gets out of that place. I know that this whole PayPal bank stuff money deal is going to be only one of many problems I'm going to encounter and have to fix. Jeez. But if Watney found a way off of that stupid red planet, I can find a way to earn $3,000 without getting busted. It's going to be a tough road...but if it works out it'll most definitely be worth it.

(Random P.S. I typed in "disgust" and the emoji suggestion after the disgust face was a flag of the UK LMAO)

$43.92 (probably) saved. $2,956.08 to go.

February 26, 2019

(My Spanish teacher played Alvaro’s music again in class. TWICE this time. I’M SO HAPPY. 💘😭💞)

Before I get into business talk I'm going to explain what I'll try to do with this page. Eventually it's going to get very long and hard to read. So, I'm thinking, after every month is over, I'll stick the "posts" from them into a collapsible table (a new one for each month). Takes up less space/memory and will just be more organized and easier to find stuff. After a year is over...I think I'll collapse them all down into years. How does that sound?

Let's get business talking. Last night I finished an easy task for about 400 credits on Make Money. The app was a Solitaire game. I love Solitaire lolol, and in fact, this app was so fun that I don't even want to uninstall it. I'm keeping it, just like with Board Kings! (The first app I downloaded was Board Kings, a super fun and idle game) 

I don't think I'll be able to get $40 on iPoll by the end of this month, which is approaching this Thursday. As of typing this, now I have exactly $34. 

I remember the Entertainment survey from SurveysOnTheGo. $2; about the cinema and what movies I watched there in the past two months. You know, in a while (don't know when), my school or grade level is going to watch some Hobbit movie. Since I think SOTG gives me that survey every two months, I guess I could count this Hobbit thing as a movie I watched and I can finally get some more stuff other than $0.10 lmao. Even then, I'd only be at $9.35, so I'd need another survey to cash out. That's one I'm cashing out on whenever I can. 

$43.92 saved. $2,956.08 to go.

February 27, 2019

(munches on Frosted Flakes without milk because I hate milk and I can't find the yogurt)

Completed another task for 977 credits on Make Money today. Said I had to reach level 10. Just finished.

So where the hell are my credits?

I know, I know, maybe it meant to reach the tenth location, but it clearly said Level 10. uhhhm I'll try reloading the app and stuff and see what happens. Usually I get a notification that I've completed a task.

(UPDATE) I just got the 977 credits lol. It took a while and normally it gives me the credits right after I complete the task. I don't know what was with the delay but I've got them now so it's all good! Now I'm up to 1820 creds, which is $1.820 USD.

I've also thought of another solution to the PayPal ID $20 Problem (yes, that's what I'm calling it, the PayPal ID $20 Problem): when it's time for another tour and I have enough money, I'll have my mom pay for everything and I'll pay her back as soon as possible.

The only issue with that is, I still don't want that much unclaimed money stuffed in a PayPal account because at some point isn't PayPal going to think "okay uhm why is this account registered under one name but is linked to a bank account with another and also why is there an unclaimed $1,000 here something's a bit fishy" and then they'll shut down the account and I can't take the $1,000 with me because it's unclaimed which means I won't have enough money in time for another tour. Jesus frigging Christ PayPal, will ya quit making me so paranoid?

Forget about PayPal and turn to some potential little cash for a moment. I just got the permission slip for the orchestra contest thing and it says "If you plan on having lunch at the mall then bring $7-10." Not $20. $7-10. In other words, there's no way my parents are going to give me $20 if they're going to give me any money at all. So maybe I can get $7-10? We'll see. There's like a 20% chance they will but when it comes to Alvaro, hey, I'm willing to do anything (reasonable) for him. ❤️

I also need to rewrite that 3f + i + 3m + 0.5s + 3t ≥ 3000 equation. Now what with the stuff I'm using, doing, and planning to do, I'll have to change things, add things, and remove things.

(P.S. I still miss 2018. And Nickelodeon Universe. 😣)

$43.92 saved. $2,956.08 to go.


February has come to an end! Let’s see what we’ve got. (Note: this is organized differently than the last overview. This states how much I currently have saved up instead of how much i actually earned.)

  • Total redeemed/saved (misc):
    • Cash: $22.92
    • Chinese New Year: $1.00
    • PayPal: $10.00
    • Make Money: $10.00
  • Total earned, but not redeemed:
    • AttaPoll: 172 credits ($2.27)
    • Google Opinion Rewards: $0.46
    • iPoll: Unsure: $41.30
    • Make Money: 5,336 credits ($5.336)
    • Survey Junkie: 1,649 points ($16.49)
    • SurveyMonkey Rewards: $2.20
    • SurveysOnTheGo: $7.35
    • Qmee: $15.41
    • YouGov: 5,200 (no USD equivalent)

Well, I think I actually started to get somewhere in February. I said at the beginning of the month I’d shoot for $100 saved up, even if it might not be redeemed, and if I add together everything I have right now (excluding SurveyMonkey and YouGov), I’m at $132.536 (yes I know, money can’t be measured to less than a cent but there’s those six credits from Make Money). Awesome :D

$43.92 saved. $2,956.08 to go.

March 2019

March 1, 2019

(So I was really stupid. Why didn't I just make this stuff all titled up and everything? So much easier to find everything. I don't know why I never think of headers and subheaders lol)

Remember when I said that I wouldn't be able to earn $40 on iPoll by the end of February? Well, yesterday, I was binging on surveys and somehow managed to get up to a little over $41. Yeah. So I'm hoping by the end of this month (March), I'll have $60 saved up. With a bit of luck, I might get $100 by the end of May, which is just in time for me to get a bank account.

I've also gotten enough credits on Make Money for another $5. Don't want to cash out yet - probably not until $20 or so this time - because then it'll get repetitive and I'll feel unmotivated.

If any of you are trying to save up money like this (or really just trying to achieve any goal!) and want to share what you're doing with us, feel free to also create a page with whatever title you want, whatever you want to do :D

I’m also going back to hyperediting on the AJ Wiki so we’ll see how much time I have for updating this. Also I have two assignments not turned in. (facepalm) My dad is signing the permission slip for the orchestra contest thing. I told him I’ll just order a school lunch because I don’t know what crap is at the mall but he said he’d give me a bit of cash for drinks or something so...:D I’m snatching what I can get!

$43.92 saved. $2,956.08 to go.

March 2, 2019

I'm renaming the PayPal ID $20 Problem to "Unclaimed PayPal Money ID Problem" because over time, I'm going to have more than $20 unclaimed.

iPoll was actually one of the first survey apps I tried and I don't remember what the rating on the App Store was for it. I'm super picky about new survey or money making sites/apps because the last thing I need is to waste my time. (I mean, I know 8/1/22 is a while from now, but from the rate I'm progressing, these months are going by fast) For that reason, I normally won't use the apps or sites that have a rating less than 4.5 stars. I went and checked the rating for iPoll and it's 3.8/5.

3.8. Yikes.

I mean, iPoll has been all nicey-nice and easy to use with me; besides, it rewards me a lot more than Qmee and any other survey stuff do. But after reading the reviews on the app, I think I'm just going to cash out at $50, which should be some time this month. Maybe I'll have $100 actually saved up this month. Who knows.

$43.92 saved. $2,956.08 to go.

March 6, 2019




Also I got another $9 in cash from my dad. Remember? Orchestra, lunch, money, that stuff? It all happened today (nerve racking but we got a good score so we can play at orchestra hall) and I just cashed out $25 from iPoll!!

And yeah, I said I was going to cash out at $50. Earlier today I managed to complete a $3.50 survey. Like 40 minutes, but it was worth it because I got to exactly $51! Verifying my phone number took a while since I wasn't getting the code for some reason but after I fixed that, I cashed out $25 (as a test at first since it looked confusing and I wasn't sure what I was supposed to type in the redeem box), which is the minimum you can redeem. I swear; it was instantaneous. Just like that, I got $25. (unclaimed though thanks a lot PayPal)

So today I earned $34. woah man

But I realized I was kinda stupid. Why didn't I just cash out $26 instead? Then I'd be left with $25 still on iPoll and I'd have $35 instead of $34, lol. I'm leaving $25 on iPoll because, as said before, it keeps me motivated to keep earning.

$34 just like that today? I guess so. I wonder if I'll ever be able to say "$3,000 just like that today".

(P.S. iPoll is officially a verified source. Honestly, who tf cares if it’s rated 3.8/5 in the App Store? It works well enough for me lmao. and it's been about six months since I had "that" dream...yeah 9/7/18 definitely wasn't a good day even with the new album)

$77.92 saved. $2,922.08 to go.

March 9, 2019

<sigh> alright, I'm done scribbling on myself with a pen and wiping away the ink with a clorox wipe, intentionally trying to make myself bleed because I don't have the heart to use the knife in my drawer

(no I'm not depressed or suicidal. I'm just stupid and in a seriously bad mood. seeing myself bleed slightly from a small cut during times like this makes me feel even worse but also better for some reason)

Anyway, I got a new phone so I might be able to do some surveys at school. We'll see how things go. And I'm nearing the end of the Spanish course on Duolingo. Hopefully I can complete it by June. I finally published a second chapter of El Mismo Soler on Wattpad xd

$77.92 saved. $2,922.08 to go.

March 12, 2019


in Spanish class my teacher played the Sofia music video and said "this one's for Lillian :D" and now Spanish class is officially the best class ever sjksjsjkdancasjjxkjscz

I started using some new things this and last week but I'm kinda unmotivated right now to talk about that since wikia deleted my text -_- so I'm going to talk about that tomorrow. Right now I'm going to talk about YouGov because I think I'm going to stop using that soon. Here's why.

As for YouGov, usually I only get one or two surveys a month that each give me about 500 points. I need 67,000 for a $50 bank transfer and 100,000 for a $100 bank transfer. (There's no PayPal option.) At the rate of 500 points a month, which is 6,000 points a year, it would take me 11+ years to get $50 if I'm not doing the math wrong. Yikes, man. I'm going to be dead by then. Even if I could get 1,000 points a month, it would still take me a little over 5.5 years to get there.

Technically speaking, I could keep using it and save it for college, but doesn't that cost, like, $50,000 or something to attend? $50 barely covers any of that, dude.

So here's what I've decided: I'm going to keep on using YouGov, more frequently now. If I can get 2,000 or even just 1,500, I might have enough for an extra $50 by 8/1/22, which I'm considering my deadline.

$77.92 saved. $2,922.08 to go.

March 14, 2019

alright, alright, fine, i'm going to be perfectly honest, sometime in february i went on these sites where they claim they can make your wish come true and i typed in a wish for everything i've ever wanted: including getting to meet álvaro. but aren't i saving up to meet him? why am i typing stuff through sites like those?

well, $3,000, with prices increasing, is going to take at least until 2023 for me to earn on my own. i'm going to have to work so many hours a day AND balance school, which is already slipping away from my list of important things. i'm going to have to give away a ton of personal info to survey sites and apps just for another fifty cents.

2023. okay? four years, four fucking years from now. so i'm not going to meet him at least until then while other solerinas can literally just relax, wait until álvaro visits their location, wait for him at the airport, and boom, they can experience my biggest dream ever just like that. it's that easy for them. no school ruining their life. no illegal paypal shit to deal with. no giving away their privacy. no saving up an outrageous amount of money.

so, then, just save up more money and meet him in four years and don't give a fuck about those other solerinas who get to meet him once each year, right?

it's just that i don't know if i can wait or work that long. four years? four years ago i was still an immature idiot and with america as it is today, i'm going to be killed in a mass shooting by 2023. i swear i'm not even going to graduate. i fucking swear. every day that passes where i don't meet álvaro i feel more and more lost. four years from now? four 👏🏼 fucking 👏🏼 goddamn 👏🏼 years, making six total since october 2017, for me to just see my idol for ten seconds while everyone else has to wait only half that time and get to spend ten MINUTES with him??

so that's why i randomly turned to these weird wishing sites!! because i felt so desperate and everything's so unfair! and that's the main reason i turned to shawn, because i thought if someone like him was my idol instead, i wouldn't be so unlucky because he actually visits my location and i wouldn't have to save up $3,000 for him, i could just wait at the airport!

this might not seem like a long time but it is. four years?? are you kidding me?? every year that passes society gets worse and worse and i'm so scared something will happen to álvaro before i have $3,000 and a reasonable time to meet him!

by 2023, he'll have released another album. by 2023, he'll have completed yet ANOTHER tour. by 2023, at least another 2,000 fans will have lived through my biggest dream ever. by 2023, global warming will get even worse and it'll barely snow an inch every winter here in MN. by 2023, i'll have memorized every one of his songs by heart (which is really, really difficult since i don't speak spanish). by 2023, another 3,000 mass shootings will have occurred in MN and the community on IG is going to hate me more than ever. by 2023, i'll be 17-18 years old. by 2023, i'll have left asolerusa. by 2023, álvaro'll have turned 32. by 2023, if i still haven't met him, i'll be crying every night. by 2023, trump will be gone, replaced by someone who might be better or worse. by 2023, the usa is going to become so dangerous that we'll be getting rid of "land of the free" and replacing it with "hoping to be free". by 2023, catalonia is probably going to be independent, which is going to impact álvaro and sofia a lot. by 2023, those two are either going to be married or broken up.

then there's so many other things!! and i'm so terrified álvaro will be killed in some catalan protest or he'll stop doing vip tickets which gives me no chance to meet him! i'm so terrified he'll do less concerts or change himself because of sofia! i'm so terrified that a shooting is going to happen at my high school a week before i get to meet him or something! i'm so terrified that another war is going to happen involving the usa or that minnesota will become too dangerous for me to go anywhere! i'm so scared i'll develop some mental illness that deprives my motivation! i'm so terrified that my parents won't like álvaro anymore! i'm so terrified that álvaro is going to get hurt because of tensions in europe! i'm so terrified that one day when he goes to the usa he'll get involved in something dangerous or bad, which is why i'm now hoping he NEVER does a usa tour! i'm just so scared something bad is going to happen to him during these four years which will make it impossible for him to be happy or for us to meet later!

four years from now...four years...<sigh> i'll keep on believing and working towards my dream despite all this because who knows? it might just work out. i just don't know if i can wait until four more march 10's pass by before i'll ever be within just 500 miles of him, but at least we're both under the same sun. 💔

$77.92 saved. $2,922.08 to go.

March 17, 2019

whatever, let's get back to business.

A few days ago, I cashed out from AttaPoll ($4.59). Now I'm up to $82.51 total!! Yess~

Also, here's an update on my cousin getting married in June. He's not getting married in that month, actually. He's getting married on (stupid) July 1st. (like really man you could have decided on any other date. if I die during the ceremony, that's your fault not mine, k? alright)

So now, assuming that:

  • School ends on June 8th
  • We leave for China on June 23rd
  • We return on July 7th
  • School begins on September 4th

...that gives me 72 free days over the summer. But assuming that:

  • I don't work the first week after school ends (-7)
  • I don't work the week of summer orchestra (-7)
  • I don't work for another 18 days, since I can't work every day every week (-18)

...that gives me 40 days over the summer. Now assuming that:

  • I work 4-6 hours a day
  • I get paid $8 per hour

...I'd earn $1,280-$1,920 throughout that time if I'm not doing the math wrong. JEEZ DUDE

Not done yet, though. If I can work a few hours per week after the school year begins, I might earn even more. Assuming that:

  • School starts 9/4
  • School ends 6/8

...I'll just assume that's about 30 weeks, maybe more, maybe less. That's 30 Saturdays. Now assuming that:

  • I might have to use some weekends for something else (-12)

...that gives me 18 Saturdays to work. Assuming that:

  • I work three hours a day and am paid $8 an hour

...I'd earn another $432, making a total of $1,712-$2,352. If, by the end of 2020, I can get another $1,000 from a job and $500 in online surveys, I'd have more than $3,000 by 2021. Two years instead of four? HELL YES

Now, this is all assuming I don't get fired from a job for whatever reason, I can find a way to get past PayPal's little unclaimed money system, I'm not consumed by issues, these survey places don't suddenly shut down my account, I'm not plagued by fees or identity theft, nothing happens that would require me handing over $3,000, I'm still alive by 2021, etc. etc. But hey, I'm feeling a lot better about this than I was three days ago.

$81.51 saved. $2,918.49 to go.

March 21, 2019

(huge) update on fansigning. I've gotten back into it with a new style. I've opened commissions. Entering contests. People seem to like it. A fansign account with 1.7k+ followers shouted me out as well as my favorite fansigner ever, who is super talented and has 14k+ followers. Some smaller fansigns (<1k followers) have shouted me out too. I'm getting called "underrated", "amazing", etc. even though my style is super different from everyone else's. 100 followers with my account now (@sign.soler). No commissions in yet but I've set them at $3-$4 depending on the style. AAAAAAA

Yeah, I have time for signs now but that's because I'm currently on spring break. After that, it's maybe a sign per week. I'm hoping to get five commissions this year...that'd be $15, about. Maybe $20 or more. We'll see if anyone buys at all. 👀

Also, about the Unclaimed PayPal Money ID Problem, I've decided here's what I'm going to do: get PayPal to change the name to my mom's. A bank transfer isn't just boom, your money is in your bank account now. If I just change the name to my mom's, then I'll leave the money in the account. Safe and sound. PayPal converts currencies too so I can easily pay with euros later. lol

$81.51 saved. $2,918.49 to go.

March 29, 2019

(probably shouldn't be eating cereal while listening to his music cause I can't eat and sing at the same time)

Haven't updated this in a while. I promised I'd talk about new stuff but it didn't work out lol here I go.

I realized I made a small "miscalculation" regarding how much I might earn from a job. If you go back to the 2/20/19 entry, I said electives (read it for more info) might interfere with jobs. I forgot about that.

I'm planning to do "summer school" (tbh it's really not and I don't like calling it that but whatever) and the thing is, I don't know how much of my time that'll take. All I know is that it isn’t going to be until at least the summe of 2020. I guess I could put it off until 2021 or 2022 but I’d rather just get it over with; I don’t know if I have to go every summer or just one but to be safe I'll assume all. If that's the case, that means through the summer of 2020 I'm going to have do to summer school. Now I'm going to assume I don't need every single week to do this so let's just say I have fourteen free weekdays and nine free Saturdays (super rough estimate I know). Assuming I'm still paid $8 an hour and I work four hours a day, that's $736 in the summer of 2020.

Now let's say this summer, 2019, I get $1,700 from a job. Then, throughout the 2019-20 school year, I earn another $400. The summer of 2020 might let me grab another $700. From Sept-Dec 2020, I might fetch up another...not sure, I'll just say $150. By the end of 2020, I'll hopefully have $600 from online surveys or miss online stuff (iPoll: $20 a month; $480. Make Money: $40 a year; $80. Survey Junkie: $15 per six months; $60. Qmee: $20 every six months; $80. The rest: not sure. should be enough lol). That's $3,550. uh. $550 more than I need by 2021 instead of 2023.

Yeah, I know, I know, maybe I'll quit surveys soon or maybe the job pays $7 an hour instead of $8 or I never get a job or I have to pay 60% fees or whatever. I know it's not going to be easy but, trust me, I'll find a way around this all. I'm not giving up on my idol.

What to do now:

  1. Surveys: more and more and more surveys. iPoll pays me a lot.
  2. Set up profiles on job websites and browse jobs that I might think about applying for.
  3. Wait until I'm 14.
  4. Find an easy job - or wait for some employer to find me.
  5. Keep doing surveys.
  6. Keep working on fansigning.
  7. Don't give up. Just do it.

Also, we're going to Orchestra Hall in April. We're also going to a place for lunch. I kinda wanna try the bubble tea there so I'll (maybe) order a school lunch and my parents might give me some cash again so I'll spend a bit of it and save the rest? idrk

(P.S. exactly one year ago was the release of La Cintura. Remember the hype from then? It's still one of the most memorable moments of my entire life. Can't believe it's already been a year. It still feels like yesterday.)

$81.51 saved. $2,918.49 to go.


okay it's frigging 4/4 and there ain't no overview for marzo hang on a sec i gotta grab all the data before wikia (ik ik it's "fandom" but who tf cares) decides to delete everything again so brb

ok I'm back now

  • Total redeemed/saved (misc.):
    • AttaPoll: $4.59 Cash: $31.92 ($9.00 this month from field trip)
    • iPoll: $25.00 PayPal: $49.59 ($25.00 this month from iPoll; $4.59 this month from AttaPoll)
  • Total earned, but not redeemed:
    • AttaPoll: 66 credits ($0.86 USD)
    • Google Opinion Rewards: $0.86
    • iPoll: $41.30
    • Make Money: 11794 credits ($11.794 USD)
    • Qmee: $23.30
    • Survey Junkie: 1673 credits $16.73 USD)
    • SurveysOnTheGo: $7.45
    • SurveyMonkey Rewards: $2.45

Awesome! I earned $38.59 this month! I know, not enough to get $3,000, but who really cares.

I'm kinda confused about iPoll and how much I'm earning, though. It's a bit complicated but I'll keep on earning $20 a the end of February I had $40 there. I cashed out $25 when I had $50, so I went back down to $25. Now I have $40 there. According to that, I earned $25 this month instead of $20. oh um

(P.S. I made some more progress near the end of March and I'll talk about it in the next entry for April.)

$81.51 saved. $2,918.49 to go.

April 2019

April 4, 2019

It's April :D and I got another $10 from Make Money!! At the end of March, I cashed out and I got it a few days ago xd

Also, on 3/31, I got my mom to change the name on the PayPal account to hers. We applied for for and as of now, there's been no response from PayPal. I don't see any change in the account either. (shrugs) Either it'll happen or it won't but PayPal you better change that name so I can actually have the almost $60 on there k?

I'm counting on having $100 saved up by the end of this month. If PayPal changes the name, I can actually get that money from Survey Junkie. And Qmee. hhhh

I double checked about flights and it turns out most from MN to Prague (as of today) are actually $1,500-$1,700, not $1,900. but I'm not going to give that much though because idrc

Guess what? Good news: Alvaro released new awesome merch in his shop!

Bad news: He doesn't ship to the U.S. anymore! As a matter of fact, he has updated it to be only to the EU and Switzerland so even if I lived in Norway I wouldn't be able to get it!

...and maybe you remember I said I was probably going to ask my parents about getting some but obviously that's not possible now.

Since merch from Alvaro won't be a possibility until when I get to meet him (I'm pretty sure you can buy stuff there), maybe I'll just ask for money for my birthday instead. Not sure how much I'll get, though.

(yes I officially have a crush on Shawn Mendes but I mean there's millions others doing the same so I'm gonna refrain from anything here)

$91.51 saved. $2,908.49 to go.

April 9, 2019

So: PayPal responded to the name change request a while back.

Problem: they couldn't change the name because the request was "invalid" or something.

jesus fucking christ, paypal. thanks for nothing smh

Anyway, I responded to them and I'm trying to reason with how I can get the name changed again. If I'm able to, then I'm able to. But if I can't get the name changed no matter what, then here's what I think I'm going to do:

  1. Tell my mom about this and transfer the unclaimed money to her bank account, which is linked
  2. Ask her to pay me back in cash
  3. Shut down the current PayPal account, but change the email first
  4. Create a new one under my mom's name so I can just slap in the ID info and not do this crap all over again

My only concern about using cash is that it'll cause complications when trying to buy stuff later. I can't just "convert" them into euros to use, so the only way cash is going to help is that my mom helps me buy part of the stuff and I pay her back with the cash USD later, but by 2021 she's probably not even gonna use cash anymore so...🙄

I might have had survey accounts that are permanently linked to that account though, so I don't want to delete it if I don't have to. PayPal, you BETTER change the name. You BETTER because I feel like suing you right now (jk).

$91.51 saved. $2,908.49 to go.

April 14, 2019

Well, tomorrow is April fifteenth, which means Orchestra Hall. We're supposed to be leaving the school around 11:00, rehearsing, then going to this place for lunch. My dad said he'd give me about $10 even though I have a school lunch.

Earlier, I said I'd probably use $5 of it and save the rest because I wanted to try the bubble tea there, but quite recently (and suddenly) I decided I wasn't the most happy with the way my body looked and how healthy I was (I'm the weird type of skinny with these weird spots of fat, can't do one push-up properly, always feeling tired/unhealthy, not to mention I compulsively eat a lot of shit for no reason, also,,,, just some more female stuff) so I found some beginner things to do to help change it and well, I think it's getting better. Hopefully in time for high school; recently we had a tour throughout it and damn I'm actually scared now.

So now that I want to stop eating random shit all the time, maybe that's a goodbye to you, bubble tea (wink 😜)

After all, if I save even just $9, I'm going to be at $100 saved (if I can do something about that PayPal account...).

Setting that aside, I remember I completed a task for about 4000 credits in Make Money last month. It took me weeks and what do you know? I didn't get the credits. Ever. -_-

like really dude? it took me WEEKS, like actual WEEKS to complete that and you don't give me the credits when you probably should have given me 10000 instead. (insert middle finger here)

Whatever, I have more things like Instagram/Wikia issues to deal with. and MCA testing starts tomorrow. uGH

$91.51 saved. $2,908.49 to go.

April 21, 2019

So,,, some things happened.

  1. On Monday, I spent $4.85.
  2. A while ago, PayPal sent an automated response to another email I sent them. I sent them another email and I got a real response, but they said there's nothing they can do about the name and that I should just close it and get another one.
  3. iPoll suddenly granted me $10 two days ago and I don't even know why.

Well, the good news is 3, the bad news is 2, and the neutral news is 1. Let's talk about 1 in a bit more detail.

Yes, I actually ended up getting the bubble tea because why not. My mom gave me $10 (but since we don't have a single dollar bill lying around the house, she only had a $20 bill and told me to pay her back $10). So, with the $5.15 I got in change, that brings my total saved to $96.66 (666? i don't really believe in that superstition but yikes still).

I'll save the bad news for last, so we'll go more detail into 3 first. I went into iPoll today and saw that my total was $10 up from what I remembered, so I checked the history and it said two days go, $10 was added to my account. I tried checking my email and found nothing of it. I remember checking the iPoll website and it gives you achievements for surveys and how much you earn and etc., so maybe it rewards you a certain amount after something? idrk i'll check but still YEET cause I'm actually way behind my goal of $20 a month on that place.

What about 2?

yeah uh screw you PayPal. just screw you. After the initial name change failed, I sent them an email asking about how I can get the name changed, and they sent me an automated response, which didn't help. I sent them another email and this time they actually responded (and apologized for the automated response so I'll let that go xd) and told me what I can do: close the current account and make a new one with the same email.

So that's it. If they can't change the name, that's all I can do. Well, almost. I'm going to keep talking to them to see if I can directly transfer the money somehow or if I can still save the money without transferring it to a bank. That's Plan A.

If A doesn't work, here's B: I'll talk to my mom, give her the money, and have her pay me back in cash, but the only issue is that, as mentioned earlier, our family never uses cash anymore. Literally never. I have just under $60 on the account so I have zero idea where my mom is going to get all that money. If there's a way to withdraw it then yeah, she'll do that. I'm going to go for Plan A, but if that STILL doesn't work, it looks like B is the only solution to the Unclaimed PayPal Money ID Problem.

$96.66 saved. $2,903.34 to go.

April 26, 2019

I'm up to $61.70 on iPoll, but I am not cashing out a single dollar from there until I solve the Unclaimed PayPal Money ID Problem.

I was thinking; I could use that cash I have saved up for merch; basically the "extra money" I was talking about all the way back in January/February. Just convert it to euros and boom. I'll estimate I'll have $100+ of it by the end of 2020 anyway.

I also sent a response to PayPal. I'm asking them about if I can just transfer the savings directly. I'll estimate that it'll be May 7th before I get a rational response, so that's how long I'm going to wait before ditching A and moving on with B.

Also, my orchestra teacher mentioned something about taking chamber orchestra to a field trip and stopping at the same place my grade level orchestra did before Orchestra Hall. If that's the case, that's another source for some extra cash.

(unrelated note but I'm going to Chicago on Monday for passport stuff lolol and I don't even want to)

$96.66 saved. $2,903.34 to go.

April 30, 2019

...just got a response from PayPal and they said there's no way I can directly transfer the funds from one PayPal account to another like this, meaning Plan A has failed. Plan B is all I can do.

So, by the end of May, preferably before the 29th, I'm going to get the UPMIP (Unclaimed PayPal Money ID Problem) solved, with Plan B. I'm just going to review this over again in detail since it's going to be complicated.

  1. Talk to my mom and tell her everything; if she agrees, continue with Step 2. If she doesn't agree, ask a while later, sometime before the end of 2020. If she still does not agree, refer to Plan C.
  2. Transfer the funds directly to my mom's bank account, which is linked.
  3. Have her pay me back in cash. If some withdrawing stuff is required, then so be it.

Luckily, PayPal said that even after I close the original account, I can still create another one under the same email, so that means all my other accounts linked to the email already are still perfectly safe.

So, if my mom doesn't want to do this whole process, how about Plan C?

  1. Just shut down the account with the funds still in it and forget about it.
  2. Create a new account and catch up by an extra five dollars a month on iPoll.


Plan D:

  1. Wait until May 29, 2021
  2. Get an ID
  3. Wait until May 29, 2023, for PayPal to accept the ID (18 yrs old thing)
  4. Gather the funds quickly as hell before PayPal shuts down my account because I created it before I was 18

Obviously I'm not in for Plan C or D. So my mom better help me out with Plan B or else. lol -_-

Anyway, I should set up some more job profiles. I'm eyeing some job along the lines of a dishwasher. Easy money. :P

$96.66 saved. $2,903.34 to go.


  • Total redeemed/saved (misc.):
    • Cash: $5.15 (field trip)
    • Make Money: $10.00
  • Total earned, but not redeemed:
    • AttaPoll: 98 credits ($1.29 USD)
    • Google Opinion Rewards: $1.01
    • iPoll: $61.70
    • Make Money: 1934 credits ($1.934 USD)
    • Qmee: $26.27
    • Survey Junkie: 1673 credits $16.73 USD)
    • SurveysOnTheGo: $7.45
    • SurveyMonkey Rewards: $2.95

All in all, that's only $15.15 this month. But that's somewhere :D

$96.66 saved. $2,903.34 to go.

May 2019

May 10, 2019

(gosh i need to fix that collapsed text sdijdjsjdjksmkdjjsk)

I need to boost my earnings on surveys. By a lot. Like 1.5 times as much.

Right now:

  • $20/month, iPoll
  • $5/month, Qmee
  • $2/month, Survey Junkie
  • $40/year, Make Money
  • $3/month, other sources

Needs to be changed to:

  • $30/month, iPoll
  • $7.25/month, Qmee
  • $3/month, Survey Junkie
  • $50/year, Make Money
  • $4.50/month, other sources

$30/month on iPoll would mean $360 a year, so that would be $720 by the end of 2020 from that source alone. $7.25/month on Qmee would mean $87 a year, so that's $174 by the end of 2020. $3/month on Survey Junkie is $36 a year, which is $72 by the end of 2020. $50/year on Make Money is $100 by the end of 2020. $4.50/month from other sources is $54 a year, which is $108 by the end of 2020. Altogether, that's $587 a year, or $1,174 by the end of 2020.

The only reason I'm doing this is because I don't think I'll be able to work as much as I initially expected I would be able to. Getting a job is complicated and requires work papers and etc.

I figured if I worked a weekend shift for a year—I'll just say that's 85 days—for four hours a day, paid $8 an hour, that's $2,720 by the end of 2020 (estimated, not counting stuff in 2019). Add just the iPoll stuff to that and we have enough for 2021. (shrugs) I'll talk to my parents about it.

Anyway, a while back, I transferred the money in PayPal to my mom's bank account. She says she'll pay me back on my birthday. We'll just see about that, lol.

My brother's ACT scores came back today. He got the score predicted exactly when he took the practice test three years ago. My predicted score is a 34, but my mom says if I get a 36 (the highest possible), she'll take me to Europe and I can see (and meet!) Alvi. If I get a 35, she'll give me some other reward like a trip through the U.S...but I don't want that. Gimme $1,000 instead!! lol

I'm not going to get my hopes up about the ACT; the predicted score thing is actually super accurate so it's not likely that I'll get a score higher than a 34. Besides, I'm not taking the ACT until 2022 and I'm hoping to meet Álvaro by 2021.

(i mean i guess i could meet him again in 2023 but i graduate then so eh)

$96.66 saved. $2,903.34 to go.

May 23, 2019

Some news :D


In other words, if I get a job over the summer, I might be able to work more because now I don't have to worry about summer orchestra taking up my time.

Also, I asked my mom to get me the extended version of Mar De Colores as a birthday gift, BUT since it was just released, of course the only way to get it is an import from the EU. and of course that takes a month and it's not going to arrive until July. -_-

Since it takes that long (and cause we'll be on vacation then and also because I secretly am not going to risk letting it arrive on July 1st :3) my mom offered to get me something else for now and I'd just get the CD once it arrives. After doing some research, it looks like a Wacom Bamboo Stylus thing works with the iPad Air, which'll be helpful for fansigning. Maybe I'll ask her to get me that.

And yeah, I'll be getting the PayPal money on May 29th. Six days from now. Yay, I'll finally be fourteen, old enough to get a job and open a bank account. I don't know if my mom is planning to directly transfer the funds from her account to mine or give it to me as cash. If there are any fees with transferring, cash it is. But if there aren't, direct transfer it is. I guess now I can shut down the old PayPal account since I have no use for it anymore.

Also, when my mom said I could go to Europe and meet Alvi if I get a 36 on the ACT, I'm taking her seriously. I'm studying, starting now. :D

$96.66 saved. $2,903.34 to go.

May 25, 2019

So, I closed the old PayPal account and created a new one, this time under my mom's name. I cashed out $25 from iPoll and claimed it. :D

That means the Unclaimed PayPal Money ID Problem is solved!! Woohoooo

Anyway, even though I got $25 from iPoll, I'm only going to count it as $15 and here's why. My mom bought the Bamboo Fineline pen for me but she said I had to give her $10 since the pen was $60, a little out of her budget. But that's all good with me cause I still gained money. :)


$111.66 saved. $2,888.34 to go.

May 29, 2019

Yay, today I'm fourteen, finally lol, meaning I'm old enough to get a job and to open a bank account.

This also means that my mom gave me the $50 from the old PayPal account (in cash). I know it was originally near $60, but remember I gave her back $10 for the stylus pen?

Anyway, I was re-counting my money just to double check everything I have and somehow I gained a dollar? The original unclaimed amount was $59.59 but went down to $49.59 because of the pen. However, my mom just rounded that up to $50 and gave that amount to me. In other words, I gained $0.41. That means I should have $112.07, including the current PayPal money. But I was counting my money again today and it looks like I had an extra dollar bill in there somewhere and I counted $88.07 in cash, meaning that if I added the PayPal $25 to it, I'd have $113.07, not 112. Strange.

So there was the starting cash ($22.92), the Chinese New Year dollar ($1), the Orchestra Contest money ($9), the leftover Orchestra Hall money ($5.15), and the $50 I got today. That adds up to $88.07. Hm...not sure how I missed a dollar. (shrugs)

Anyway, I'd better look for a job or something now and get a bank account set up. I'm hoping to convert some of these random bills and coins into larger bills (I have fourteen $1 bills, two $5 bills, and $4.07 in coins which I want to change into two $10 bills and one $5 bill, which maybe then would make it easier to count and keep track of stuff).

$113.07 saved. $2,886.93 to go.


should i even bother writing these anymore...?

  • Total redeemed/saved (misc.):
    • iPoll: $25.00
    • +$1.00 (unknown)
  • Total lost:
    • -$10.00
  • Total earned, but not redeemed:
    • AttaPoll: 106 credits ($1.35 USD)
    • Google Opinion Rewards: $1.56
    • iPoll: $52.00
    • Make Money: 4131 credits ($4.131 USD)
    • Qmee: $27.33
    • Survey Junkie: 1840 credits ($18.40 USD)
    • SurveysOnTheGo: $7.75
    • SurveyMonkey Rewards: $3.70

yeah so i gained $16 this month (actually $15 cause i don't know where the $1 came from)

Well, now it's June...

$113.07 saved. $2,886.93 to go.

June 2019

June 6, 2019

So, here are some updates to this.


I cashed out $25 from iPoll a few days ago.


I was looking around for places that hire 14-year-olds and I found a job application for McDonalds that looks promising, but I’m not going to apply to any until we get back from our vacation sometime in July. (Perhaps I could apply during the last few days in China and see if anything comes up? Idrk but we’ll see)


I remember at the start of sixth grade (speaking of that, my last day of middle school was yesterday. goodbye Tallsight, the place where I discovered Alvaro and became a teenager and learned Spanish. I’ll never see you again. </3), my mom told me that for every rehearsal of Chamber Orchestra I went to, she’d pay me 25 cents. We rehearsed 2 days a week, but there were some weeks where we didn’t have one of the rehearsals and other weeks we didn’t rehearse at all. Then there were the ones I wasn’t able to go to.

Let’s see; school lasts 9 months, which is about 36 weeks. Taking away Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring break leaves us with about 32 weeks. Taking away non-school days gives us...I’ll just say about 30 weeks. That would make 60 rehearsals per school year. Assuming that we didn’t rehearse for...8 of those days and that I didn’t attend 2 of them, that leaves us with about 50 rehearsals per school year. Multiplying that by 3 (for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade) gives us 150 rehearsals. Now assuming that each one counts as $0.25, that’s $37.50. ohonhonhonhon~~~


My mom said that if I help more around the house, she’ll give me an allowance. How much, I don’t know. But I’m hoping maybe $5 or $10 a week. :D

Fifthly (is that even a word? lol):

Alvaro and Universal Music (Deustchland) are doing a Spotify streaming contest for the September tour dates in Germany. If you win, you get tickets (five, so four others can join you) to a show. Here’s what it’s all about:

First things first, I needed to have Spotify Premium. Now, I was, at, first, disappointed at this because I didn’t want to pay for premium to be able to do this contest. However, Spotify currently has a deal where three months of Premium is only $0.99 (with tax, it equals $1.06). I wasn’t really sure if I even wanted to do the contest because I know my chance of even getting into the top 10 is slim, and the chance of being chosen for the tickets are even slimmer. But I decided to why not give it a try anyway, especially since I can just cancel the subscription before it charges me $9.99 (the contest ends on August 8th). Of course, I paid with PayPal, which took away $1.06 from my balance. (It also makes sense why they require you to hav premium now, so you can’t cheat with several accounts; also because ads interrupt so often)

I then logged onto the site as one of the five German tour locations and start streaming Alvaro’s music. The thing with these locations is that you choose one, and all your points are added to that team. Whatever location gets the highest amount of points wins the ticket prize and a team member is randomly chosen to receive it. (In other words, this means that even if I get into first place AND my location wins, this doesn’t give me a higher chance of winning tickets for that show.)

For some reason, I wasn’t able to choose what location I was a member of. There were five locations: Stuttgart, Berlin, Oberhausen, Frankfurt, and Hamburg. All except one land on weekdays so I was hoping I could choose the one on September 15th, but for some reason the location choosing thingy didn’t work and it randomly assigned me to Oberhausen?? I’m not sure what happened, but that’s the location I’m stuck with. It’s on September 17th, a Thursday. idk if that’d work but I can’t change it soooo... :l

Anyways, Oberhausen is currently in third place, about 400 points behind Berlin, so we can get into second place if we really try. Frankfurt and Hamburg have half our points so I don’t think we’ll drop a place down. However, Stuttgart, in first place, has over 4 times our points. How we’ll ever catch up to them, I don’t know :l ….I guess all I can do is keep on (silently) streaming overnight?? But the points don’t seem to collect 100% automatically, plus I also need to keep the streaming page open. I think I’ll just go streaming like that and see how far I get.

Every 30 seconds of music streamed is 1 point. There are 1440 minutes in a day (24 hours), so that means 2880 30-second intervals. Since I don’t think I’ll be able to get all 24 hours worth of points, I’ll turn that down to 2000 for every 24 hours. There’s 63 days left for the contest, so if 2000 times 63 is 126,000, that means I can earn up to 126,000 points by the end of the contest.

Some people in the top 10 already have an insane amount of points (first place has 23,000 as of writing this). 10th place has over 6,000. Even if my location doesn’t win, I can still earn some merch prizes if I get into the top 10 (personal). I don’t know how long the contest has been going on for (less than a week), so I have no sure way of predicting how much they’ll earn by the end, but assuming it started two days ago, it’s a pretty high chance that they’ll top me, so I’m not going to count on winning.

Now, of course, this whole contest wouldn’t matter at all if Oberhausen doesn’t win (even then I might not get selected) and/or I don’t get into the top 10. But hey, as stated many times before, I’m willing to do anything for Alvaro. If I can try, I will. <3

$137.01 saved. $2,862.99 to go.

June 19, 2019


there's a bit of a problem with traveling to Europe in 2021.

Anyway, right now I'm in China and my mom was talking to me about the whole passport and visa things and she brought up Europe. Apparently, traveling there isn't as easy as I thought.

Normally, if you were to travel to another country, you'd need a visa. Some countries formed some agreement with the United States so that a legal U.S. citizen won't need a visa to travel there, and I'm assuming several European nations did this. Therefore, since I have a U.S. passport, I can just travel to and from those certain places, no visa needed. China, however, hasn't done this with the same nations.

The age required to fly alone is 16. I'm turning 16 in 2021, but not until May 29; most concerts from Alvaro are before that date.

So what's so complicated about that?

I'm the only one in my family who has legal U.S. citizenship and a passport from the United States., since I was the only one who was born here. The rest all have green cards or something and Chinese passports. Remember that I can travel to some European nations without a visa, but only because I have a U.S. passport. I also can't fly alone until I'm 16, meaning someone has to go with me. If someone in my family were to go, they'd have to apply for a visa since they don't have a U.S. passport and China didn't sign some agreement with certain nations to not require visas.

Visas take months to approve. And who knows where we're going to have to go to get those done. <facepalm> I guess someone else could go with me, but who?

$137.01 saved. $2,862.99 to go.


I kinda need these overviews to keep track of what I'm earning, so here goes.

  • Total redeemed/saved (misc.):
    • iPoll: $25.00
  • Total lost:
    • -$1.06
  • Total earned, but not redeemed:
    • AttaPoll: 106 credits ($1.35 USD)
    • Google Opinion Rewards: $1.171
    • iPoll: $27.00
    • Make Money: 4131 credits ($4.131 USD)
    • Qmee: $27.33
    • Survey Junkie: 1840 credits ($18.40 USD)
    • SurveysOnTheGo: $7.75
    • SurveyMonkey Rewards: $3.95

so it looks like the only money I gained this month was $25 from iPoll. Plus July hates me so I'm using "L2023" again... :PP... Anyway, since this page is getting long, I'm splitting it into another part on a new page. I've decided that's what I'll do every six months. I've got some more money coming in soon, though :D

$137.01 saved. $2,862.99 to go.

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